Ichumon Pet Colors and Species

Ichumon Species
Ichumon Colors
After seeing all those pets and colors you are probably wondering how to get them. Am I right? You will need Crystals or Mirror Shards to change your pet. Crystals only change the color of a pet. So when you start with a Blue Corvus and use a Demon Crystal on it, it will change into a Demon Corvus! Mirror Shards will change both the species and color of your pet. So if we start with that Blue Corvus again and you use a Magical Pantheon Ignomi Mirror Shard on it, it will change into a Pantheon Ignomi! There are more ways to change your pets color. It could change to a different color after a lucky dive into the Magical Pool, or when it's married you could give it a different color during the Valentines Event.