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Leaping Leepras BronzeLeaping Leepras SilverLeaping Leepras GoldLeaping Leepras is a Flash Game found in the Games Room. The object of the game is to bring the Leepra higher and higher up the waterfall.

In the start of the game, you get to choose from three Leepra Ichies: Leepra, Shadow Leepra and Jungle Leepra. The Leepra is constantly jumping, even without your interference. Your goal is to leap from log to log upwards towards the top of the waterfall.You can control your Leepra with the left and right arrows of your keyboard.

Leaping Leepras Game PlayThe left and right side of the game area is infinite, meaning if you pass through one side (for example, the right), you will reappear on the other side (in this case, the left). But make sure there is a log there for you to land on. If there is no log for you to land on, your Leepra will fall down. Once your Leepra falls, it is game over.

There are three types of Logs you can jump on. First, there are stable brown logs. These logs don't move making it easy to jump from one to the other. Next, there are moving brown logs. These logs move from side to side so make sure you land your Leepra just right or else it will fall. And finally, there are brown logs covered in green moss. These logs will give your Leepra a jumping boost, making you climb higher than you would off of a normal brown log. Be careful though, because your Leepra will climb very quickly with the boost. You need to make sure it will have something to land on once it slows down.

The game area moves up as your Leepra does. Therefore, logs that were once there will disappear out of the game area once your Leepra has jumped out of range. The game area does not move down so don't think that if a log was there just a millisecond ago, it'll be there to catch you cause it's not and you'll fall and end the game.


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