Ichumon's 8th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 8th Anniversary

    Y8 Puzzle Collector

Ichumon's 8th Anniversary Event ends August 31, 2017!


Master Nomuhci

Visit Master Nomuhci in his castle to receive a training quest you must complete before entering the dark side of Ichua.
You will be asked to return to Master Nomuhci with a book to study, food to eat, and a weapon to enter the dark side.

Dark Side of Ichua

The other side of Ichua has never been visited by any Ichumon before today. Master Nomuhci has been guarding the passage to the dark side for many years. With Master Nomuhci's training you will be able to venture to the dark side and face Professor Sunrage.

Professor Sunrage

The only way to defeat Professor Sunrage is by attacking him with a Sunshine Relic.

Fire Minion

Defeat the Fire Minion in the Crusade Arena and you will be rewarded with a Green Apple or a Sunshine Relic. Fire Minion appears in all maps with monsters after Snow Dock.

Attacking Professor Sunrage with a sunshine relic will reward you with iP, a puzzle piece or a special Y8 item:

At the end of August, each attack point you have against Professor Sunrage will become a lottery ticket for a drawing of all 25 items in the Y3 Puzzle.