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OMG Apples BronzeOMG Apples SilverOMG Apples GoldOMG Apples is a Flash Game found in the Game Room.

In this game, you are given 3 minutes to find as many apples as you can. The apple will be hiding under a Penny, a chick-like Ichie. You will have to click and drag the Penny in order to move it. Once you find the apple, click on it to move to the next round. As the rounds progress, more Pennies congest the game area. Be sure to move the Penny completely out of its spot. Larger Pennies can conceal smaller Pennies which in turn could be concealing the apple you are searching for. So be thorough in your search.

OMG Apples Game PlayGreen apples will give you a score that is directly connected to the level you are on. For example, if you are on level 12 and you find a green apple, 12 points will be added to your score. If you are on level 27, then 27 points will be added to your score, and so forth. There are also bonus apples. A red apple is worth 2 bonus point, blue is worth 4, gold is worth 8, and purple is worth 50. For example, if you are on level 16 and you find a gold apple, you will earn 24 points for the round. Work fast to find the apples to get a high score. The color of the apples on each round is random, so some games will essentially be better than others. You could potentially get one game that is 75% of the time just green apples, and then get a game with 25% just green apples right after.

Hiding underneath the Pennies are also Hourglasses. These Hourglasses stop time for 10 seconds. If you uncover one, be sure to click it because finding and clicking the apple after uncovering an hourglass doesn't mean the Hourglass is automatically applied. If you don't click it, it won't stop the clock for you. There isn't going to be one in every round though, so it's best not to waste time searching for one.


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