Guides :: Councils

 Councils are a fun way to get together with all of your Ichuan friends. To create a council, you simply click here, and follow these easy steps.

It’s not mandatory to create one-you can join one too! Click here to check out the assortment of councils available to join; ranked by the number of Council Points the members cumulatively earn. The most active councils are generally found in the first few pages, and vice versa. IF you see one that catches your eye; check to make sure it is marked ‘Public’; you can tell by looking next to to the name and logo of the specified council. If it is marked ‘Private’; you will need to be manually invited by the Council Leader/admin. A simple IchuMail might do the trick. Make sure it has less than less than 31 members; otherwise it’s a full house in there. If it matches both of those and satisfies you, click the logo. You will be led to the council’s homepage. The logo, description, and any current council events are shown; as well as a bunch of links and the option to join. Click the link to join; and you’re good as gold. The other links lead to: the member list and the number of points they’ve earned, the council’s private chat board,  different stats about the whole council,  outdated info about council chat, and the treasured trophy cabinet where all the trophies your team gets from either Council Wars or Rankings go. If your council manages to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they earn a coveted gold, silver, or bronze trophy, respectively.

To achieve a higher ranking for your council and earn points, you must do Council Quests. Like most other quests; they ask for items of random rarities and types. If you retrieve the item, you will be rewarded 1-100 points. During Blizzard weather the points awarded get a generous boost. Doing Bonus Quests double your winnings, too. Put those two together and you’ll really help your Council out!

Looking for a way to spend all your hard-earned points? Then it’s time to visit the Council Shop! Various items are interchanged here each month; the most expensive being the Holy Gem for 17,000 points. All of the items, with the exception of the Holy Gem; are needed for certain Job items. Some of the items are r90-99s, like the Alkali Metals novel, for example. Remember that if you leave your current council all of the points will disappear into thin air; you won’t be able to get them back. So don’t forget to spend all your points here if you’re interested in another council.

Council Wars are rare site-wide occurrences in which councils can sign up. Doing so puts your council against another in a duel. To earn loads of points for your side, you usually have to restock rare items, battle or play games. A competition bracket is used to keep track of the teams and their scores. Once the final round is over, the prizes are handed out; normally to the two or three final teams; best prizes naturally going to the gold team. You also get a unique trophy not only in your council’s trophy cabinet but on your profile as well if you win a Council War. There have been two Council Wars in the history of Ichumon; one in a past Halloween Event called Hallows Wars, and another in 2009. Who knows-maybe you’ll be given the opportunity to participate in one too!

You can chat with your fellow Council Members by changing the drop down Shoutbox Server list to the Council Chat Line. All members of your council will be able to talk to each other without interference of other councils/users.

Overall, councils are a great way to compete with not only foes, but friends as well!