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Every so and so, a moderator or admin will start up a game of Hangman! It is a multiplayer word puzzle game To join an open game, simply go here and click Join. That status page will also display the number of players that signed up, the iP prize, and the item prize. Don't worry if you have the shoutbox turned off; an announcement will still appears on the right side of the scrren, alerting you to visit the Fargo's Forest to join the game. 

The word puzzles range from item descriptions to recent statements in news updates to even things certain NPCs say. One the game started, participants will be randomly selected to choose a letter or a space in 30 second intervals. If you want to choose spacebar, type in _ in the box provided. All of the spaces in the puzzle will appear. If a player guesses an incorrect letter or a previously guessed letter, the hangman image changes, and the game is one step closer to being over/lost. Be sure to check that the letter you're picking hasn't been guessed already to prevent the players from losing the game. If you guess the phrase wrong at all you will be kicked from the game. The first user to correctly guess the phrase wins the prize as well as a cool trophy, and even an avatar!



Exichi, Hangman Guy Plushie, Hangman Icon, Jelly Totem



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