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For one week in February (9-16th) Lucille Cupid comes to Ichua on her cloud. During that week we Ichuans can visit her and help her with her quests. Every hour one quest can be done. The quests are split into several categories. Very Easy to Extremely Hard. The easy quests will be easy, for those you will have to find a common item. For the extremely hard quests you will have to find the rarest items on the site. Each year Lucille will have more items for you to get.


For each completed quest you will get a letter, you can also get letters from attempting to pull Valentines Sword from the stone. You can post that letter with your secret love poem at her Heartchu Mailbox and it will be sent to a random user online at the time. Each letter read contains a love heart. There is a total of 12 hearts: :3 Love Heart, Apple Love Heart, I Heart My Ichie Love Heart, Lets Be Friends Love Heart, Lol Love Heart, Love U Love Heart, No Way Love Heart, Sorry Love Heart, Sweet Love Heart, Too Cute Love Heart, Wanna Chat Love Heart. Collect them to claim the Lurv avatar, the Be Mine Shoutbox Essence and the I Heart Bananas Love Heart., 

Once per hour you will also have the oppurtunity to pull Valentines Sword from its stone, getting this sword is totally random, good luck!

Married Ichumon will be able to change their appearance during this season. They can change to any other color available for their species. But they can't be changed to the super special colors: Elemental, Alice, Teeni, Thunderstorm.

During the Valentine's Season there are a lot of different avatars you can obtain. Most are given upon completing one of Lucille's quests.

Cupid Loves Me   Drink Up   Heartbreak Lurv Heartchu


2024 saw Lucille release the following items:


In 2022 Lucille brought with her the following new items:


In 2021 Lucille brought with her the following new items:


In 2020 Lucille had the following new items:



In 2019 Lucille came down with the following new items:


In 2018 Lucille descended on her cloud with the following new items:


2016 the remaining five HeartChu plushies have been released!

Shield Of Love was rotated out of prizes.

In 2015 six new HeartChu plushies joined Cupid's Cloud as prizes. Along with a return of TWENTY prizes that had been rotated out of previous year's prize availability.

Cupids Guide To Love
XOXO Pants
Valentine Cake 
Cake of Love
Bunny Doll 
HeartChu Angel Teddy
Wearable Kiss On Cheek
Secret Admirers Strife
Chocolate Dipped Heart 
Blueberry Dipped Heart 
Strawberry Dipped Heart
A Letter Of Love 
Cupids Love Struck Arrow
Cupids Earring
Stories of Cupid 
Shield Of Love 
A Tale of Rejection
Heart Lollipop
In 2014 Lucille added 10 new items to her quests:


In 2013 Lucille added 14 new items to her quests. One item added is an ichie egg that evolves. The new items are below.



Cupid's Blade and Cupid's Armor have been rotated out of available prizes in 2015. You can still attempt to evolve Cupid's Armor or Cupids Blade at Cupid's Crafting with Dr. Dim.


In 2011 a new feature was added to Cupid's Cloud. Upon completing quests you could collect 4 different rings (Golden Ring of Relaxation, Bronze Ring  of Soothing, Rose Gold Ring of Love and Silver Ring of Vitality)  and a Cupid's Armor. Those rings and the armor together could be merged together into one item. There are 2 stages for these armors.



To go from stage 1 (Cupids Armor) to stage 2 (Cupids Armor of Protection) you need the stage 1 armor and 1 set of rings.
To go from stage 2 to stage 3 (Cupids Armor of Supreme Protection) you need the stage 2 armor and 2 sets of rings.
The supreme armor is actually a really good blocker. It can be used multiple times in battle and blocks a total of 36 different icons. This makes doing all the quests worth it.

In 2012 Lucille added 21 new items to Cupid's Cloud. With Cupid's Blade of Everlasting Love you needed to craft it by getting items from quests.


Create Cupid's Blade of Love from a Cupid's Blade, and 4 other items.

Then with 2 Cupid's Blade of Love and 4 more items you could make Cupid's Blade of Everlasting Love.

Cupid's Blade of Everlasting Love


In 2017 a very special evolving weapon, Cupids Scroll of Everlasting Love, was crafted by Dr Dim for Lucille. In order to obtain it you needed to craft it with items from Cupid quests.

Create a Cupids Scroll of Love with a Cupids Scroll and four other items:

Create a Cupids Scroll of Everlasting Love from 2 Cupids Scroll of Love and 4 other items:

Cupids Scroll of Everlasting Love