Festival of Pilair

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Calista the Grinch      Festival of Pilair      Snow Day

In the month of December Ichua is busy with all the Pilair related celebrations. There are several things you can do during this month.

Advent Calendar

Each day of December between the 1st and 25th you can pick up a special Advent item from Mel-T's Advent calendar. These items are edible just like you would find on a real advent calendar!

Festival of Pilair Quests

During December 1~25th you can attempt up to 5 Pilair quests daily in the hope of receiving Red and Blue Pilair presents. You also have the opportunity recieve the Pilair Tree Stamp or iP.

On December 24~26th you can start opening your presents at the Pilair Tree in Pilair. In Red presents you may find one Rarity 90 to 99 item. In the Blue presents you may find 1 to 5 iC or 1 to 3 premium days.

Hale, Queen of Pilair and Mel-T the Snowman vs Calista

Mel-T has shrunk in size due to the hot summer we had on Ichua! He is now weak and cannot protect Hale, Queen of Pilair! Bring Mel-T Snowballs so he can grow in size once again! 
Hale is offering anyone who wishes to help a snowball every hour to rebuild the famed winter season hero, Mel-T. Mel-T will be formed slowly but surely with the help of as many people as he can get. Once strong enough, Mel-T will once again have the ability to protect Hale. 
It is never smooth sailing for those trying to help Mel-T grow however, as Calista will change Hale's location on to a random online user's profile every 15 minutes. And moreover, Calista is also offering rewards for those who bring the snowballs to her rather than Mel-T... 


Mel-T Rewards

Mel-T rewards are too numerous to list here, but you will always get an item as a reward from Mel-T!

Calista Rewards

Calista is evil, even if you give her a snowball she may not be grateful. You may get nothing as a reward or she may even steal some of your iP to fund her evil operations. She holds 11 of Mel-T's puzzle pieces along with other Mel-T the Snowman items, books, and even a hidden avatar.

Grouchy the Snowman, Crazy Cane, Helliday

Calista has summoned three holiday abominations to attack Mel-T and have stolen most of his puzzle pieces. Each have master cards for your Ichumon and are holding 2 Mel-T puzzle pieces each and appear starting on the following Crusade Arena maps:

Grouchy the Snowman
About a Glemme+
Crazy Cane
Stonetooth Valley+
Crystal Cave+

Puzzle Piece Locations

Grouchy the Snowman  6, 12
Crazy Cane  9, 20
Helliday  15, 25
Mel-T  1, 3, 7, 10, 13, 14, 17, 21
Calista  2, 4, 5, 8, 11, 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24


Prize Rotation

The following items were not available in 2014 or 2015.

Wreath of Holy Protection, Deluxe Festive Ornament, Deluxe Snowflakes Ornament, Deluxe Green Ornament.

The following items were not available in 2012 or 2013.

Dark Angel, Light Angel, Coreks Crooked Candy Cane, Frobit Egg, Ezeref, Frosted Hawthorn Sugar Cookies, Frosted Alpine Sugar Cookies, Frosted Root Beer Sugar Cookies, Christmas Ribbon, Kwanzaa Ribbon, Hanukkah Ribbon, Ice Queen Stories, The 25 days of Pilair, The Kings Ring, The Ghost of Pilair Future,  The Ghost of Pilair Past, Altie, Polar Kitsuna, Foul Swamp Bauble, Jar of Snow, Pilair Lightshow Shoutbox Essence.

The following items were not available in 2011.

Pence the Zebradeer, Sprix, Christmas Sweater, Holiday Boy Hat, Brutal Holiday Tree Sword, Wreath of Holy Protection, Snow Angel Wings, Lantern, Petite Holiday Cake, Artificial Pilair Tree



Advent Calendar

In 2015 the advent calendar was full of Chocolate versions of Ichumon items.

In 2014 the advent calendar was full of Peppermint versions of Ichumon items.

In 2013 the advent calendar was full of Frozen versions of Ichumon items.

In 2012 the advent calendar was full of Cookie versions of Ichumon items.

In 2011 the advent calendar was full of Candy versions of Ichumon items.

In 2010 the advent calendar was full of Chocolate versions of Ichumon items.

Festival of Pilair

Calista thought she could help Corek by capturing Hale, the Queen of Pilair. Mel-T was the snowman who would free Hale, but only if he could collect enough snowballs. At the end of the Festival of Pilair we saw Mel-T grew very strong and beat Calista. Hale was freed. 

In 2009 things were a little different. An evil snowman took over userprofiles. Noah would give us snowballs to attack the snowman with. Every 10 minutes the snowman would hide on a different profile. If you threw your snowballs hard enough the snowman would drop a 'snowball head'. When you gave those to Noah, he would give you items for the head.

In 2008, you could visit Noah to complete a task and receive a special daily item.