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Before you enter the Crusade Arena to battle there are a few things you will need to know. To enter the Crusade Arena the first time you will need to start a new game.

1. Your pet can use two weapons each round.
2. First, place the weapons you want to use in your Armoury  then go to your Armoury to equip the weapons.
3. You should have a healing weapon as one of your weapons (only one healer can be equipped at a time).
4. Initiately it is suggested using a Lil Pointy Blade as a healing weapon and a beaded fang necklace.

5. Eight is the limited number of weapons you may equip to one pet. Therefore, if you are using a cloning weapon any weapon pushed into slot 9 or above will not be useable. A cloning weapon has a chance to create a copy of one of your opponent's weapons.

When you are in the RPG look above the map and you will see links to various things.

1.  RPG link, you can use this to remain in one spot and generate monsters.
2.  PARTY link, this allows you to create a party or join a party. also hands out exp while partying and to disband/leave a party.
3.  PET link allows you to see/act on stats/skills of your Ichumon.
4.  QUEST link shows if you have a NPC quest active and which ones you have completed.
5.  BUFF link allows you to buy buffs to help you in the RPG. Each buff lasts for 1 hour.
     A.  ITEM BUFF gives you a greater chance for monster cards, CP or items if they are dropped.
     B.  HP BUFF gives your pet +100 hp.
     C.  STRENGTH BUFF gives your pet +100 STR
     D.  DEFENCE BUFF gives your pet +100 DEF
     E.  AUTO-HEAL BUFF heals your pet after each winning battle (Prem Users get this buff automatically).

In the RPG (Crusade Arena) you will need to teleport to different maps to reach different monsters. The teleport portal in Beegin Village is Southeast (Down and Right on screen) of where you start the RPG. There are some blogs that contain some useful RPG information.