Ichumon 2nd Anniversary

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In 2010 Ichumon's birthday was celebrated in a different way. The apples had come back as they always did, but the Ichuans didn't see any harm in them at that moment. Annie, a red Vinali, was coming to town. She brought a big prize shop with her for the people online. Everyone who stayed on Ichu during that summer could collect ''Annie Points'' while doing their daily tasks. For example: you could get 1 to 3 points for killing a monster in the RPG. Those points would be awarded randomly.

Then finally on August the 8th Annie arrived and opened her shop. There were 3 categories you could spend your points on. Common items would cost 2 points each. When you chose a common item those 2 points would be deducted from your total and a random common item was given. The rare items costed 6 points each and a super rare would cost 12 points.

Some of the items in her shop were a brand new gift bag, a 25 piece puzzle, party hats and much more. She also hid an avatar somewhere in her shop. In celebration of the Y2 anniversary, the traditional EXP and cP doubling had also returned. This time there was a new twist, however. All monster kills were guaranteed a double EXP or cP. If you were lucky, you could receive a triple EXP or cP. If you were super lucky, you could receive both triple EXP and triple cP in the same kill. If you were incredibly lucky, you could hit an even higher jackpot of EXP or cP for that monster!

And there was a lot more. For this years celebrations many more games had much better rewards for them. For each quest you could do 20 more than what you usually could do. So premium users could do 50 of each quest, except for job quests, and non-premium users could do 35 quests instead of 15. The winner of a SNAP game could win 4000 iP + 5000 for each player instead of 4000 + 2500 for each player. Capture the Flag began awarding rare items only during this time and stuck with it! Higher or Lower wins could award up to 2000 iP and gambling bets for 21 were raised. In the game Gamble you could win up to 250.000 iP instead of 100.000.

But after so many great things something bad was bound to happen.