Lucky Lyra

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Lucky Lyra is the Skoilo who visits us every year around St Patrick's Day, March 17-23. She is here for 7 days only and fills her pots with prizes once per hour randomly at either :00, :10, :20, :30, :40, or :50 past the hour. The number of pots depend on the number of people online at that moment.

Every pot holds a little surprise. It could be a bag of iP, a random item or nothing. Lyra has quite a few different items to choose from. She could give you a plushie, like the Rainbow Skoilo Plushie, or a wearable, like the Bottle Of Surprise. Whenever you claim a pot you have a chance of getting the avatar you see above as well. Even if your pot looks like it's empty it could have this avatar inside it!



Rainbow Ichu          Rainbow Polisis            Rainbow Galatania       Clover Cookie
Plushie                     Plushie                         Plushie


Rainbow Dragora    Rainbow Gryphix    Rainbow Cirridle     Lucky Pancakes
Plushie                     Plushie                    Plushie


Rainbow Lepardos  Rainbow Flarix      Rainbow Lycan
Plushie                     Plushie                  Plushie

Lucky Lyra             Shamrock            TeeniWeeni     TeeniWeeni            TeeniWeeni           TeeniWeeni
Pen                       Cupcake             Lyra Aquellia     Lyra Arro                Lyra Cirridle            Lyra Corvus
                                                           Figureeni          Figureeni                Figureeni               Figureeni


Rainbow Lyra       Irish Kilt             Green Suit        Green Suit
Plushie                                              Jacket               Pants


Clover Luna        Clove Picuno             Four Leaf             Clovie
 Plushie                   Plushie               Clover Wings



Clover Flarix Plushie

Clover Galatania Plushie

Clover Danemue Plushie

Clover Ignomi Plushie

Clover Loket Plushie

Clover Arro Plushie

Clover Sui Plushie

Clover Lycan Plushie

Lucky Horsehoe Crab



Clover Vinali Stamp

Clover Zirafa Plushie

Clover Vinali Plushie

Clover Skoilo Plushie

Clover Gryphix Plushie

Clover Cirridle Plushie



Prize rotation for 2014 & 2015

You will be unable to obtain the following items from Lyra.
Lucky Female Tee, Cannon Of Gold, Lucky Hat, Thick Potato Chips, Irish Shortbread Cookies, Blue Clover Pop, Green Clover Pop, Orange Clover Pop, Purple Clover Pop, Red Clover Pop, Yellow Clover Pop, Shamrock Club.


Clover Tectowl Plushie

Clover Ichu Plushie

Clover Iraknid Plushie

Clover Aquellia Plushie

Lucky-Os Cereal

The Little Darlings

Lucky Potato

Lucky Baseball Glove




Golden Clover

Lucky Jelly

Lucky Plant


Clover Dragora Plushie

Clover Polisis Plushie

Clover Picabel Plushie

Clover Field Ribbon

Rainbow Sleeves

Lucky Lyra Stamp

Clover Corvus Plushie


Clover Burst

Clover Fly

Clover Scarf

Lucky Bear Plushie

Pot of Gold Jelly

Rainbow Coffee


Haunted Pot O Gold Axe

Lucky Lyra Staff



CloClops Plushie

Leprechaun Pillow

Lucky Mask

Rainbow Scarf

Lucky Lyra Tag Potion

Lucky Lyra Scratch Card