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Do you see all those nice lookups and want one of your own? Then you've come to the right place. Here are some codes listed that'll help you create an amazing profile!

Profile Edit Page - this is THE page where you edit your codes.
The two boxes, About Me and CSS, are the ones I'll help you with.

In the About Me box you use BBCode to create your profile. This is where you add images, like a nice top banner, where you talk about yourself and post Ichie codes and more.
Some BBCode (iCode) you can use:

[b]bold[/b] [i]italics[/i] [u]underline[/u]
[center]centered text[/center]

image code

[p] - new paragraph

[br] - new line

Before we start working on the CSS for your profile you might want to know what what is.

about me section #p_about   your persona #persona
personal info #p_info   your shop, gallery and blog #places
user titles #titles   armoury, wishlist and trades #links
your pets #pets   your buddies #buddies
the comments #comments   youtube video #video
your icons #icons   your colors #p_color
your trophies #trophies   your collection info #collections
the navigation #nav   huge username #p_username

Now lets get into some real coding. Simply copy/paste the codes into the second box and change them the way you like. Hex color codes can be changed to any hex color code. For example; #000000 can be changed to #1299fe.

Change the italics, bolded, underline colors:

Change the background of the entire page to a repeating image:

Change the background of a profile section (look above) to a solid color:

Add a border to a profile section (look above):

Change the width and height of a profile section (look above):

Hide a profile section (look above) from your profile:

Change the position of the entire profile:

Change the background color and border of the textarea for comments:

Change the font color and size of the about me section:

Add a hover effect to linked images:

Make a profile section (look above) slightly transparent:

Change the color and size of all the links on your profile:

Change the line(s) in your trophy section: