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Job CentreWelcome to the Job Centre. Each user in Ichumon can get a job which creates special items. Your job can advance and create rarer items which you can either sell or use to your advantage.

There are 4 Job Types, each can create a range of different items.

Trainer: create boosters for your pets stats and for your ichie's EXP.
Cleric: create cures to heal pets. The Ice Pack is always in high demand.
Blesser: create different Weather Types. These will give you an advantage over others.
Craftsman: create the keys which you need to open Treasure Chests for great prizes.

When you start with one of the jobs you cannot create all the items. You will need to do Job Quests to earn EXP to level your job. Creating Items will also gain you EXP. When you get to the right level you will be able to make more items.


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