The Lightest Tower

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           Far into the northern hemisphere of Ichua lies a gold, heavenly tower known by all. The blinding halo mounted on the apex of this peaceful tower can be seen distinctly for thousands of miles across Ichua's surface. The halo's light acts as a beacon of hope for all citizens, and symbolizes the purity contained in the tower's chambers. The light was supposedly first ignited after a baneful curse that swept the land; and has never faltered since. 

           The Lightest Tower was erected by mythical heros to serve as a stronghold for all that is benevolent, All walks of life are welcomed in the tower to contribute to Ichua's well being, as implied by the Job Centre located on the ground floor of the tower. A training camp was also established on the exterior of the tower; famous for producing some of the most revered warriors Ichua has ever known. If a trainee gets injured, they are rushed to the Heal Center not far from the training grounds. Scholars from all over migrate to this symbol of placidity to study in the Library. It holds every script or book ever published in Ichua, and offers the knowledge within to all eager to learn. The law of the land; Ichua's justice system, is also present within the tower. It is incorruptible by The Darkest Tower and brings everlasting order to the planet .

         Not far from the tower's walls is a lone well. When an Ichuan in need approaches, however, magic protrudes from its depth and provides the humble visitor with a bag of iP. On the other hand, some inhabitants of the tower's grounds are not so humble. A charlatan known as Tye the Lycan set up a ticket exchange stand to net some money; but he is known to later turn around and invite the customer to the Darkest Tower to gamble with him. No evidence proves this, however, so Tye cannot be claimed guilty. Tye also offers a chance to play with the Lucky Bag hourly. The game is eager to give out either a fortune or a disease. 

        Near the cliffs edge resides a wooden hotel made of an oversized tree stump; the Tree Stump Hotel. According to a myth, the hotel was created when one of the ancient heroes who helped construct the tower chopped a tree down. The man named it accordingly and hoped it would offer its warmth to weary travelers and pets someday. Since that day, a Vending Machine has been installed in the main lobby to give travelers and tourists a souvenir of their trip to the tower. 

        A landmark known by all; The Rock of Beta; sits atop a hill near the hotel. Its purple hue is submerged in signatures written by the 600+ Ichuans who were there during the grand opening of the tower. Another myth suggest a legendary hero, Beta, made this historic site to honor his accomplishments.


         The Lightest Tower also participated in Click Wars. The team didn't fare too well and got last place out of all teams, but winning the whole competition wasn't their true purpose. They fought with impressive valor to stop the schemes of the Darkest Tower despite being outnumbered. They ended up losing their last, but very close, Click Wars battle with them. In honor of their efforts, a snow globe, tag potion, and avatar were created.



       Two other avatars are available at the tower and the surrounding areas. One is for just visiting the tower itself, and the other is for visiting the Heal Center.


       Despite their win in Click Wars, Corek insisted on having a food item that represented the Lightest Tower made. The Lightest Tower Jelly was subsequently made. This was so all the inhabitants in the Darkest Tower could literally taste victory as they devoured the jellies.