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Vini Evolving

In order to create a Vinali pet at Dr. Dims lab you first need to obtain a Vini Egg from the Ichie Store or from trades. Sometimes a user will put a Vinali Ichie in trades.

If you are evolving from a Vini Egg then the procedure is to attach the egg to a pet and then play with it to give it experience, other users can play with it also. Once it reaches level 3 it can be evolved into a Vina via Your Ichumon link on the left side of the screen, then clicking on the evolve ichie button and evolve it into a Vina. When it reaches level 6 it can be evolved into a Vinali Ichie. You then remove the Ichie to your inventory and go to Dr. Dims lab to create a Vinali. The color doesn't matter when creating a Vinali pet unless the egg was just a Vini Egg without a color. Caution: you need a pet slot available for your new pet.

If you obtained a Vinali Ichie from trades then just do the Dr. Dims lab part.


Dr. Dims Lab