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You've done it! You've found the Treasured Mines!

Before you can start mining, you will need to find a miners bag. The miners bag can be found on the main page of the Treasured Mines by clicking  "out by the rocks". It's in the area surrounded by green. The bag will not show up in your inventory, since it is not a regular item.

This is what the miners bag looks like:

Once you find your bag, it is time to start mining! On the main page of the Treasured Mines, you can find an older Polisis that will assist you. You can buy a pick from the Polisis. There are 4 picks to choose from. The cheap pick will allow you to mine a few times. It is cheap, but does not work for very long. The sturdy pick is slightly stronger than the cheap pick, and lasts a little longer than the cheap pick. The heavy duty pick is a very strong pick that will allow you to mine for a long time. The best/most expensive pick for the Treasured Mines is a diamond edge pick. This pick lasts a very long time, is very sturdy, and will assist you in finding the riches of the Treasured Mines.

A Lantern will help you find treasures faster and it is highly suggested to use it while mining.

First select a mine to enter, each tunnel has special items that are not found in the others. Walk into the mines, then you can choose where you would like to mine!


Some examples of items that can be found in the Treasured Mines:

If you find any rare items down in the caves, the Polisis will purchase them from you. Simply click the Sell Jewels link and then select the jewels that you wish to sell.

When he does not have enough money to purchase your jewels, you will get the following error:
Error: I'm sorry, but I do not have any funds at the moment to buy your jewels. You'll just have to hold onto them for now.

Selling your jewels is a great way to make iP. If he lacks the fund to pay for your jewels, simply hold onto them until he can buy them off of you. Happy digging!