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Snubbu BronzeSnubbu SilverSnubbu GoldSnubbu's Sno-Gro is a Flash Game found in the Game Room. The object of the game is to essentially help Snubbu grow bigger.

You are in control of Snubbu, a tiny pale-blue Ichie. You can move him with your keyboard's arrow keys. The game area of Snubbu's Sno-Gro is infinite, meaning that if you reach one side (for example, the right), you can pass through it and appear on the other side (in this case, the left). The same goes for up and down.

Snubbus Sno Gro Game PlayIn order to make Snubbu grow, you must absorb snow balls. However, Snubbu cannot absorb a snow ball that is larger than him. He will merely get flattened if you come into contact with one, thus bringing an end to your game. So be careful when you travel through the sides of the game area as snow balls will constantly appear along the sides to roll onward to the other side. The more snow balls you absorb, the bigger Snubbu will grow.

Every 3,000 points you earn, Snubbu will reset back into his smallest size. This will also cause the snow balls to move faster.

In the options menu of the game, you have the power to turn Inertia on or off. If Inertia is on, Snubbu will roll similar to how a ball rolls in real life, briefly rolling even after you release the control keys. If Inertia is off, Snubbu will stop precisely when your fingers release the control keys. This way, you are in more immediate control of Snubbu's movement.


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