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Bingo is played every Monday at 4:15am IchuTime and Wednesday at 11:15pm IchuTime.
New bingo balls are selected automatically every 20 seconds. Click the number to mark it off your card.
Click BINGO! to turn in your winning card (rows and columns only).

 If your bingo card wins you get a trophy, 5000iP, and a unique item prize only available from bingo! 




Yellow Number 12 Bingo Ball Plushie
Reject Lucky 7 Bingo Ball Plushie
Bingo Plushie
Bingo the Dog
Purple Number 50 Bingo Ball Plushie
Red Number 9 Bingo Ball Plushie
Blue Number 32 Bingo Ball Plushie
Green Number 17 Bingo Ball Plushie
Bingo Bomb
Win Bingo!
Bingo Shirt
Bingo Icon