Frozen Pilair

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         Relentless blizzards raged across battle scarred land. A draconic creature soared through the air, its camouflaged, milky white scales adapted for the harsh elements. It scanned the glaciated land below, its belly growling. It eventually came upon a thin, spiraled castle encased in ice. It had seen this infamous pinnacle a number of times, not once wishing to think about its shameful past. 

         The castle had supposedly belonged to a youthful Flarix known as Hale, the former Queen of Pilair. The castle was once was proud to stand on a stunning landscape that housed a legendary civilization. This peaceful realm prospered until the fateful day when Hale regrettably aligned herself and the rest of her people with Corek.

         From that moment forward, they combined forces and battled the Lightest Tower. Both sides endured brutal damage and critical casualties throughout the extent of the war. Pilair's great civilization became laden with chaos and was on the brink of extinction. It was then that Dr. Dim, who usually studied Ichumon ancestry at his lab in the mountains, but had decided to step in when the war broke out, approached Hale. He at first tried fruitlessly to reason with Hale, applying his vast sense of logic to his side of the argument. Eventually though, on the 30th day of the new year, he succeeded in convincing her to stop fighting, thus causing Pilair to withdraw from the war, and salvaging what was left of the land she carelessly ruled. 

        Peaceful Pilair Day was then conceived, reminding Ichuans all over what the war resulted in and how Hale courageously stepped down from fighting.. But once Corek became aware of her dithering, she wasn't seen again until much, much later.. Hale had disappeared, but not without leaving a giant mark and memorable legacy in Pilairs history, present and future.


            Hundreds of miles away from the lonely castle lies an eerie cave. It resembles the Lepardos' Den in Fargo's Forest, but is made of mostly ice instead of foliage and rock. A solitary Arro called Ellune resides in stasis deep in the cave's tunnels, enclosed in a thick layer of magic infused ice. Ellune was cursed and frozen by Hale because Hale feared she would grant unimaginable power to any Ichuan who completed Ellune's quest. Hale did not realize that Ellune was still able to communicate with any being near her capsule. She requests any visitors or tourists who wander into her abode to donate a random item from their inventory alongside any rare item and 10,000 iP as tribute to her 1,000 year and counting curse, and to find the keyword, or verbal antidote, that will free her. The incantation is 'releaseellunefromhercurse', which is found in the source code of her page.

              Once you complete that, she will give you the real Ellune Quest. You will be presented with 60 item fetching tasks, at 6 hour intervals, and must bring the items, which get rarer and rarer, to her quickly. Powerful and dark items are available at certain levels if you please Ellune. You'd best not disappoint her though, she was frozen for a reason!

              Frozen Pilair is not gloomy year round. Shortly after Pilair Day; a pink Lycan is spotted floating around on her cloud. This Lycan wields a very special bow, and most call her Cupid. She offers a great deal of spirit as well as many Valentines Day themed items in return for items of the same rarity type. She also owns the Heartchu Mailbox, which is full of love letters. After a week or two though, the busy Lycan briskly leaves Pilair; destination unknown.

              Pilair is also the home of Ichua's Christmas festivities. Various, but cheerful characters have come each year and brought happiness and presents to all. The Festival of Pilair Tree, where users can open their presents during Christmas week, was said to have been planted by Ole himself. 

           Pilair also took part in Click Wars. They did extremely well and ended up in first place at the end of the season. A member of the team, Zue, managed to win the top prize of the whole competition, the Sceptre of Pilair, which brought great pride to the remaining citizens. Because of their victory, a snowglobe, tag potion, as well as 2 avatars with their flag were created. Over time and after that, many more items, from wigs to ribbons, were also released in Pilair's honor.


A few other avatars were made for Pilair. One was for Hale, and a few were even made for some of the pets adapted to its harsh conditions. Another was made for the ambiguous plot to find Agent Jeff that took place in Pilair.