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There are four different Elite Quests you can do with your pet. Each quest has 3 stages. But before you can start one your pet has to meet  certain requirements. Each quest has it's own minimum level. For the level 30 Elite Quest in the Temple of Ordeals your pet has to be level 30 or above. The level 50 Elite Quest in Enlutar requires your pet to be at least level 50. For the level 70 Elite Quest your pet has to be at least level 70. For each quest I recommend you be about 5 to 10 levels higher than the minimum level requirement, though you might not need these extra levels for the level 70 EQ. Also the standard requirements apply; your pet can't be starving or ill.

A new Elite Quest 90 was added recently for the hardcore battlers in The Unknown region, off Kulturapfel Maze. Your pet has to match that level and have 500 intelligence to enter that region. The quest requires the party to kill 750 Nightslashers and Skeleton Magicians. The boss is Grey Ghost and so far few have been able to defeat him. More info here: Elite Quest 90 Guide


There is a way to get out of an Elite Quest when you need to quit it. Just disband your party and talk to the Wizard and he will boot you out without dying. But you will lose all experience in the party pot.

Walkthrough Level 30.- Temple of  Ordeal
Each quest has 3 stages. In the first stage you and your party have to kill 500 monsters together. In the second stage each pet in the party has to gain Elite Status. In this stage there are 10 rocks you can touch. Four of these are 'good' rocks which give you Elite Status. The other 6 'bad' rocks reset your pet's HP to 1 left. If you touch one of those rocks you must heal as soon as possible. The good and bad rocks change places in every quest. Once every pet gained their status the party can move to the third stage. In this last stage the leader of the party has to find the boss, the King of Ordeals, and challenge him. With the party you bring him down from 30,000 HP to 0. Once that's done the quest is over and everyone gets prizes according to their rank. A++ is the best rank which will give you 4 prizes. Rank A will give 3 prizes, B gives 2 and C gives 1. Ranks below C don't have prizes. In this EQ you may find any 100% sphere, 50% star sphere, 10% toxic sphere, any cP bag, the Ichie Type: Attack or the Summon Ichie Battle Skill.

Here's a 'map' of the second stage;

Walkthrough Level 50.- Enlutar
This quest has 3 stages as well. In the first stage you have to kill a total of 750 opponents. You can find Arrows and Yinyangs on this map. Only in the third stage you might encounter a Surpent. Those are the real bad guys though. They have a Bag of Healing Leaves and therefore have the ability to fully heal at any time in a battle. In this second stage you will see thunder clouds instead of the level 30 rocks. There are 8 available clouds on this map. Below you can see a 'map' of the second stage. Again when you touch a bad cloud your pet's HP will be reset to 1. So you must heal straight away every time you touch a bad one. Once all the party members gained the Elite Status you can move on to the third stage. You may find this boss, Zor, a lot easier than the King of Ordeals. Zor only has 15,000 HP, but he does have 500 strength. So he may hit hard when you don't expect it. Your pet is level 50 or above though. He should be easier to kill than the King of Ordeals with your level 30+ pet. The prizes you may earn are: 40% gem, all 50% spheres, all 10% spheres but toxic, Ichie Type: Heal, Ichie Type: Defense, and bags of cP containing 100, 500, 750, 1000 and 2000cP. The Ultimate Battle Skill may also be dropped. The number of prizes you receive depend on your rank.

The 'map' of second stage;

Walkthrough Level 70.- Crystal Cave: The Crystal Divide
Again a quest with 3 stages. In the first stage you have to kill 500 monsters. These monsters are a combination of Pelicans (10,000HP each) and Lion Sea Dragons (3,000HP each). In the second stage there are several different elite and dud rocks spread throughout; but the only monsters you fight are Pelicans. And in the third stage you and your party will encounter Lion Sea Dragrons and come face to face with Shocktia with a whopping 250,000 HP. Prizes are cP bags, spheres and gems. Again number of prizes depend on ranking.

The 'map' of the second stage;