Ulti battle skill

Crusade Arena (RPG) :: Ulti battle skill

Your pet initially starts with the skill Ulti which does damage of one half of your pets strength up to 1000. Ulti may have a mximum of 1000 using 2000 str. This skill is updated to Ultima when your pet gets 50,001 wins in the Crusade Arena.

The Ultima skill does damage equal to your pets strength up to 2000 strength. When you achieve 100,001 wins in the Crusade Arena your Ultima is upgraded to Ultimatum. The maximum for this is 1000 damage.

Ultimatum does 2x strength up to a maximum of 2,000 strength. This skill is upgraded to Ultimate Ultimate at 200,001 wins. So the maximum for this level is 4000 damage.

Ultimate Ultimate does 3x strength damage, The Maximum strength for this skill is 3333, so the damage of this skill is 9999.

There is a Battle Skill that you can manually trigger your Ulti when ultimate is at 100%. This battle skill is called Ultimate Battle Skill. This skill is dropped randomly from an Elite Quest 50.