Ichumon's 4th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 4th Anniversary

Year Four   

Darkness Lingers 

Ichumon's 4th Anniversary Event ends August 31, the full month of August!

Wayob has put a curse on Ichua, making it an all night time world! Wayob can hear your pleas from Ichua from atop the clouds, but he laughs with rage. The only way to reach him is to build a Tower to the Clouds using Stone Blocks built from Ancient Recipes. Good Luck Ichua! This is the only way to save us from eternal darkness.

To build a stone block you must find the correct Myztec to Ichuan Dictionary to decode the correct recipe found on Ancient Stone Tablets which are scattered around Ichua. Ichupedia will be updated as more details emerge.

Ichua's Weather patterns have been severely effected by the lack of sunlight. Fierce Wind, Lightning, Rain and even Snow will be seen falling from the clouds above.

There also seems to be rumbling from under the Crusade Arena... I wonder what lies beneath...?


Myztec to Ichuan Dictionary Vol I~V

All Myztec to Ichuan Dictionaries are found in the Treasured Mines by mining.
You can also find them stocking in Library Store but you will have to be fast to purchase, they'll go fast!
Use Myztec to Ichuan Dictionaries to decode specific Ancient Stone Tablets to create your stone block!

Ancient Stone Tablets

All the Ancient Tablets can be found in specific locations. You have to play a certain game or do a certain action to receive the tablet.

*You may have to try only 2 materials at a time in your inventory for a sucessful Stone Block Creation.

Malachite Tablet

Random in the Rarity Game

Marble Tablet
Random while doing Quests

Amber Tablet
Random from winning at 21

Amethyst Tablet
A miniprize in Capture the Flag or winning Item Roller

Onyx Tablet
Winning a Food item on the Sly Slick Slots

Limestone Tablet
Winning on a scratchcard

Slate Tablet

Random from Winning at the Ichu Races (any bet)

Jade Tablet
Random while getting a bag from Money Grabbing.

Carnelian Tablet
Random while shredding items.

Wood Tablet

Rare find from purchasing (restocking) items from
the Mushroom Shops. Any item.

Use Wood Tablet to cut your build time in HALF!

4th Anniversary Puzzle

4th Anniversary Puzzle pieces are randomly given from turning in Myztec Points.

5 from Super Rare
10 from Rare
10 from Common
Upon completing the puzzle you will receive an Avatar and a Trophy.


Raffle Tickets

Each time you turn in Myztec Points for prizes you are awarded 1 raffle ticket.
After the Anniversary event finishes on August 31, 2012, a raffle will be held for the following prizes from Year 1 Anniversary of Ichumon.
One of each item will be given out. It is possible to win two prizes!
The Y1 puzzle has 25 individual pieces which will be given out as 25 seperate prizes.

Ichu Gift Box IconEleaIchumon Year One Gift BagIchumon Year One CakeFirst Birthday Party PlushieIchletteIchumon Year One BackpackIchumon Year One Study Guide


Stone Block Recipies

You will recieve 1~3 Myztec points after completing a stone block recipie.

*You may have to try only 2 materials at a time in your inventory for a sucessful Stone Block Creation.*

Sturdy Stone Block
Cracked Stone Block



Rigid Stone Block


Retro Crusade Arena



Due to excessive mining over at Treasured Mines you have released the monsters that lived within! They have been in hiding for three years, now they have returned to haunt maps of the Crusade Arena. From Sarklings to Fire Demon's they're all out! Each monster only has one map location, so make sure you explore the entire Crusade Arena to find them all!


These monsters have been located by the hard work and service of our fellow Ichuans:


Monster Location
Mini Cake Monster Deep Blue Sea
Junior Jelly The One Pond
Jiant Jelly Four Ponds
Garish Gateau A Water Maze
Trifle Trifle On the Doorstep
Trifle Troll Castle of Kings
Jelling Clone Bot Twilight Forest: Whispers
General Jelling Aleon Warzone
Sarklings Wandering Nuisance
Draslarg Wondering Ghosts #1
Keevil The Adventure Begins
Sneak Towards the Ant Hill
Soul Catcher Garden of Flowers
Fire Demon Forest of Decision


It is also important to note that monster cards can be obtained for these monsters during the 4th anniversary! Get them while you still can!