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Ichua's evil mastermind, Corek, seeks your help. If you choose to help the dark lord of Ichua by completing his quest, you can earn yourself a handsome amount of iP or possibly an item or two. Of all the quests in Ichua, Corek quests can potentially give you the most iP (if completed). But is it worth it to help the evil one? That is up to you...



Quest Attempts Per Day: 15 for non-premium, 30 for premium


Possible Rewards: iP, items, The Darkest Tower Stamp


Related Weather: Blizzard (Increased Quest Rewards)


Raining (Increased Corek Quest Rewards)



Additional Notes: Usually, purchasing items for 6,000 iP or less for Corek will result in a profit when completing the quest. Always check the Mushroom Village before purchasing an item from a usershop. Mushroom Village prices are typically cheaper, so you can earn more iP when completing the quest! If you are uninterested in the items you receive from Corek, you can always sell them at the Pawn Shop.