Ichumon's 11th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 11th Anniversary

Y9 Puzzle Collector  Year Nine

Ichugod of Commerce, Goneff

Trickster Ichugod Eycee is up to her tricks again. Having had so much fun with making IchuCards last year, she made some more this year. But this time she's playing around in the Mushroom Shops! The Ichugod of Commerce, Goneff, isn't too happy about that. The IchuCard Shop is empty and ichuCards keep randomly stocking in all the other shops. Ichuans must restock the IchuCards from the shops to get things back in order.

Purchase 5 DIFFERENT IchuCards per hour from the random Mushroom Shops. With each purchase I will reward you with 1 Anniversary Point. Then, come see me to redeem your points for some special Anniversary Prizes! You can accumulate your points, but you must spend them before August is over!


Rare Items:


Fire Demon and Soul Catcher have been released into the Crusade Arena appearing in maps from Snow Dock on, also in EQ's.
Each monster will drop its IchuCard. The other 13 new IchuCards will stock in random Mushroom Shops!