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Snake BronzeSnake SilverSnake GoldSnake is a Flash Game found in the Game Room.

The object of the game is to eat as many blue eggs as you can get. Each egg is worth 5 points. After each egg you eat, your Snake will grow longer. You control your Snake with the arrow keys of your keyboard. Maneuver the Snake around the game area to get to the blue egg. Every so often after eating an egg, a rock will appear. Do no crash into the rocks. If you do, it will be game over.

Snake Game PlayThe game area is infinite. This means that if your Snake exits the game area on one side (for example, the right) it will reappear again on the other side (in this case, the left). The same goes for up and down. But be careful, though. You could potentially end up crashing into yourself. If at any time you do end up crashing into yourself, the game will come to an end.


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