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Ichu Staff Say BronzeIchu Staff Say SilverIchu Staff Say GoldIchu Staff Say is a follow-the-leader type of game. The computer will play for you 1 of 6 sounds. You must match the sound. With every sequence you complete, another sound will be added to the end.

You get one point for every sound you match. So if the sequence consists of 4 sounds and you get all 4 correct, you will earn 4 points. Then, in the next sequence, you can earn 5 points and so forth.

Ichu Staff SayThe sounds are made by actual and former staff members, and some are quite humorous. They are:

Pay close attention to the sequence because once you mess up, or if you take too long to complete the sequence, it's game over.

And don't be too hasty. You must wait until it is your turn to follow the sequence or else the game can end.


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