Fargos Forest

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            Ancient, dense and magic infused foliage is the home to the legendary Fargo. Although he hasn't revealed himself to the public eye, he is mentioned sporadically around Ichua. While an assortment of wildlife dwell throughout the archaic forest, it is also the sojourn for all different kinds of popular ichies; some of which enjoy bathing in the magical Morphic Pool shrouded deep within the mazy green. The atmosphere in the magical forest seems ethereal; none of the plants ever perish. Over the centuries. there are many different perspectives of this ambiguity that mostly seems to suggest the eponym of the woods manually brought each plant to life.  One of the more famous of these plants if the Luwhut Tree, standing tall and holds a mysterious stash of various items that drop every once in a while. Nearby is a giant, seemingly bottomless, hole. A lonely man looks on from a stand adjacent to the hole. He is cursed with being the mascot of the popular game Hangman. One muddled fellow even suggested that might be Fargo, but his claim has since been vanquished.  

           A trail of uncut ferns leads from the hangman base to a hazardous-looking cavern. Twice a day, lucky Ichuans claim they spot pairs of shifty, beady yellow eyes pop up here and there; and items sometimes pop out. Not everyone who's been in there has necessarily come back alive though. A couple merchants set shop a fair distance from the cave, hoping to gain some commerce with the local humanoid inhabitants. A bunch of them live and thrive near the center of the forest, which was deemed the most cheerful because of the Pot of Gold residing there; emanating some of Lyra's powers.

         A furry brown mouse is also known to sometimes scurries around, rounding up players for Bingo and giving out prizes. He doesn't go too close to the Shredder, who is known for his rude demeanor; especially if you break his machine just to get an avatar.

        Some Ichuan of the past discovered this rare cloak. It is r99 and stocks in the Battle Supplies shop, and costs a fortune. It is said to block all damage targeted at your pet for one turn during a fight. It can change the tide of battle.

      The Forest also participated in the Click Wars; acting as a strong contender, but not quite strong enough to win the competition. A tag potion,  snowglobe, and avatar were added in honor of the Fargos Forest team's valiant effort.


     Fargo's Forest has recently adopted a sense of fashion and made a beautiful ribbon that stocks regularly in the Fashion Essentials Shop. In order to visit the pool you need to obtain Tye Ticket Points which can be obtained by doing Tyes Quests.