Alexia vs Alice

Events :: Alexia vs Alice


It has begun!

Corek's corrupted clone of Alice, Alexia is now at the Palace of Alice gates and ready to battle for control of the moon!

Alexia and Alice are transforming the moon's once peaceful atmosphere into a battlefield. They are both recruiting forces for this epic battle. They are on the lookout for any Ichuan ready for battle. It is now time for YOU to decide who you will support in this battle.



Will you choose to help Alice defend the moon, fighting the dreaded Alexia and her mutated forces? Or, will you join Alexia and help her fight those pesky Moon Guardians and bring a veil of darkness over the moon?

The choice is yours Ichua. The outcome of this epic battle depends on YOU. The landscape of Ichua will change forever after this battle. Truly, this is a WAR FOR THE MOON!


Binary Pages and Mutated Hex Pups are flooding the battlefield as we speak. Surely, more forces will arrive in the future. What will happen on the moon in the next few days? Binary Cavalry and Mutated Hex Snake make up the second wave of monsters to attack. Meanwhile the third wave brought forth Mutated Hex horrors and Binary Guardians.When the fourth wave hit it contained Binary Sorcerer's and Mutated Hex Larva's. Binary Defenders and Mutated Hex Insects arrived with the fifth wave. Wave arrived with the toughest monsters yet the Binary Winged Angel and the Mutated hex Demon. After the sixth wave the Bosses finally came out to join the fight Alice and Alexia.

The monsters from the fourth wave on have increasing HP. During the event you accumulated War Points with each monster dropping a certain amount each kill with a maximum amount.



Team Alice Balloon
Binary Defender IchuCard
Alice Moon Icon
Binary Bomb
Binary Sword
Lock of Alice Hair
Binary Palace Ribbon
Birdary Egg
Lil Winged Binary Angel
Binary Page Stamp
Power of the Moon
Binary Apple
Binary Guardian Plushie
Binary Page Plushie
Alice Cake
Alice Scarf


Team Alexia Balloon
Mutated Hex Insect IchuCard
Alexias Moon Icon
Hex Bomb
Hex Tank
Alexias Shadow
Moon Battleground
Skellehex Egg
Lil Hex Demon
Mutated Hex Horror Stamp
Battle Reports
Hex Apple
Mutated Hex Pup Plushie
Mutated Hex Horror Plushie
Alexia Cake
Alexia Armor


Lock of Alexia Hair
Peaceful Moon Ribbon
Alexia IchuCard
Alice IchuCard


Alexia Cookies
Alice Brownies
Alexia Dress
Alice Dress


Monster  Alexia Pieces Alice Pieces Number dropped War Points/ Maximum
Mutated Hex Pup 5, 10, 13, 22 NA 4 1/250
Binary Page NA 4, 10, 15, 18 4 1/250
Mutated Hex Snake 3, 8, 17, 20 NA 4 2/300
Binary Cavalry NA 7, 13, 22, 24 4 2/300
Mutated Hex Horror 1, 7, 15, 24 NA 4 5/400
Binary Guardian NA 1, 8, 12, 20 4 5/400
Mutated Hex Larva 4, 9, 11, 18 NA 4 10/500
Binary Sorcerer NA 5, 16,17, 25 4 10/500
Mutated Hex Insect 6, 19, 23 NA 3 25/600
Binary Defender NA 3, 14, 23 3 25/600
Mutated hex Demon 14, 16, 25 NA 3 50/800
Binary Winged Angel NA 6, 9, 19 3 50/800
Alexia 2, 12, 21 (No Rares) NA 3 100/1000
Alice NA 2, 11, 21 (No Rares) 3 100/1000

NA = Not Applicable
Pieces in bold are rare pieces

The battlefield has been cleared. Everywhere, the rubble tells the story of how hard of a battle this was.

Alice, the Binary Queen, successfully defended her territory against Alexia, the Hex Demoness! As Alexia goes back into the Shadows, she swears revenge on Alice. This is not the last time we've seen Alexia on the surface of Ichua....

The Binary Queen Alice is organizing a grand feast for her troops who fought valiantly. She'll open the doors to her Palace for everyone in a few days, so that everyone who fought at her side gets what they deserve for defending the moon.

It's also rumored that Alexia will take some time to think what went wrong with her plan, but she's not forgetting anyone who fought by her side. She'll send in an invitation to anyone who fought alongside her to show them her appreciation.