Capture The Flag

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At the start of each hour the game of Capture The Flag begins. It costs 5k to sign up. The prize will be 10k starting money + 5k for each member in the game and a random item (r80-99).

Use the Flag Hunt Area link to refresh the page. You can choose 1 flag every 30 seconds. There is a total of 120 flags. Premium members can select a flag every 27 seconds.

Behind one of these 120 Dark Flags is the Light Flag. The user who finds this flag will win the game.

During the game you can win random common-ish items while searching for the Golden Flag. The flags have different colored backgrounds in the game.

When you select the wrong flag you will get the following error;
This wasn't the Lightest Tower flag, but you find a mini prize nonetheless!
OOPS! Looks like there is nothing behind this flag =( Keep searching!

When you select a flag but the 30 second wait isn't over yet you'll get an error like this one;
There was an Error:You must wait 12 seconds before you can selected another flag!

And when you win you will get the following message;

CONGRATULATIONS! You found the Lightest Flag and have won the game! You have been awarded with:


For each season / event on Ichumon the flags change looks. For Olemas you could see the 'pilair' flags instead of the normal dark flags. For the Valentine's Season the flags changed into the 'mushroom shop' flags which are red. For St. Patricks Day the flags got a new logo and green hue.