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The Darkest Tower is full of crooks; one of them being crafty Calista the Ichu. She enjoys stealing...erm, collecting your rares. You can hand over any r90-r99 item in your inventory. The chances of getting another back, however, are quite slim. Some claim it's because she has 'long-earitis'; if you said you wanted a shard, you would instead get a worthless Ichucard. For donating a rare to her abode; you can receive nothing, a Green Apple, iP, or any restockable item. 

Calista gives an avatar to those devoted to giving her r90s. You'll need to collect 9,900 points in one month for this, and each item is worth about 90-99 points. 


She also gives an avatar to those who secretly give her a Rose of Enchantment. This is through a secret link. The Rose is not actually taken from you.

In the winter event of 2010 Calista tempted players to give snowballs to her with another avatar. There was a random chance of earning it while donating a snowball.

Calista also gives out trophies to her most loyal followers. (Top 3 in Highscore List)

During a plot in early 2011, one of the prizes was the Calista Potion. It was a handy boost that decreased the chance of getting a green apple in return by 10%. The potion could not be destroyed because it was located inside the Bonus Box section of your Inventory. It expired after one year.

There are multiple other items associated with the queen of rares.