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Hungry Kopie BronzeHungry Kopie SilverHungry Kopie GoldIn Hungry Kopie, you control Kopie, a hungry little Ichie. Various fruits will fall from the trees, and it is your job to catch them. You can move Kopie with the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

Kopie will move with a bit of intertia, so he will not stop exactly when you release the left or right arrow. Instead, he will glide very briefly before coming to a full and complete stop.

Hungry Kopie Game PlayThe items that are good for Kopie are bananas, grapes and mangoes. While there are fresh and delicious fruits falling, there will also be rotten apples, rocks and twigs falling from the tree as well. Avoid these objects or else you will lose a life. Run out of lives and it is game over. These falling items move at different speeds, so be careful and alert.

Green Apples are special fruits that will give you an extra life and are worth extra points, so keep an eye out for them as well.


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