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Hello! I am Nobody. That's right, Nobody. You will have to blame my parents for the name they gave me, but heck, I'd rather be Nobody than Dr Dim! Anyways, I have a mind like a camera- meaning, I can remember stuff pretty well. In fact, I'll show you how well I can remember by playing a little game with you.

I will give you an item, and I want you to describe it to me the best you can. Forgive me if I sometimes forget the appearance of the item...sometimes my memory gets a little cloudy- but heck! Whose doesn't? If you can describe the item to me in a way that will make me remember it, I will give you a prize.

Nobody will ask you to describe an item using a couple words. There are 7 categories you have to describe. Some of them are Shape, Smell, Rarity and Item Type. You choose a word from the drop down menus for each category and submit. If Nobody knows the item you had to describe you can win anywhere from 1 to 1 million iP.

Some users might not know what all the different descriptive words mean. Below you can see a description of some of the words.

I will be available to play every 6 hours starting at midnight, so 12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm. Ah yes, if you play at 5am you can play again at 6am.




Anthropomorphic Humanoid or human-like.
Circular Shaped like a circle.
Concentrical Has multiple rings that all share the same center.
Conical Shaped like a cone.
Cubical Shaped like a three-dimensional square with six distinct sides.
Curvy Has a lot of dips or bumps in its shape.
Cylindrical Shaped like a cylinder; tube-shaped.
Elliptical A flattened oval shape.
Frustum Like a triangle with the point sliced off, or a raised platform.
Heart-like Shaped like a heart <3
Hyperboloid A cylinder with a pinched middle, or the standard "hourglass shape".
Multi-faceted A facet is a face. For instance, diamonds have lots of facets cut into them, though this could be anything with a LOT of sides.
Ovoid Shaped like an egg.
Pixely Something with a lot of pixels, or the small dots computer images are made of.
Pointy Pointy, good 4 pokin! rararar
Rectangular A four-sided shape.
Spherical A three-dimensional circle; ball-shaped.
Square A rectangle with sides of an even length.
Tetrahedral A pyramid shape.
Triangular A single face of a pyramid; the simplest polygon, with only 3 sides to its name!
Zoomorphic Animal-shaped.