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Quests Overview


Throughout all of Ichua are exciting quests that you can do! These quests reward users for completing certain tasks. Doing quests have many benefits, including earning iP and items, gaining job experience, ranking up your council, etc.  Each quest is different and rewards the user with different things, so make sure you read each quest's description before attempting! The weather can effect the reward recevied for completing a quest, so pay attention to the weather.

*It is also important to note that premium users are allowed to do certain quests more times than non-premium users. Take advantage of this if you happen to be a premium user! *





Here you can read some short descriptions and tips for all the quests in Ichua.

Corek's Quests

This is the quest you need to do to earn money. The rewards are relatively good and the items usually cheap. Buy the items that cost less than 6k and you have an almost guaranteed profit.


Dr Dim's Quests

Dr Dim will ask for low rarity items and gives little iP in return. As long as you spend less than 2k on an item you should make a profit!


Furniture Quests

You will only be asked for furniture items. These stock in the Bits 'n Bobs shop. You will receive either little amounts of iP or special wood items. These items are needed to fix the Lightning Houses. If you fix 100 houses within the same month you get an avatar.


Fishing Quests

Here you will receive hooks and Fishing Rod pieces. When you have all 3 pieces you can create a Fishing Rod in the Fishing Game and fish up some special ichies.


Master Quests

Complete simple tasks to gain iP and increase your level. When you complete the hardest quest of a certain type you will get it's pin. Easy pins: Pet feeding, Pet playing, Ichie Plays, Higher or Lower, Dr Dim quests, CTF and Restocker. Some quests take more time to complete than others, like the Fire Earth Water quests.


Pantheon Quests

These quests are randomly given to you by the Dice of Doom. You have 300 seconds to get the item and a Mysterious Treasure Map and then go to the Pantheon Quest page to complete the quest. You will get a random r90-99 item as a reward. When you have a high Treasure Rank you have a higher chance at being asked for a low rarity item. This creates a large profit for you. At the start of the month treasure rank points and ranking places are reset. To get a higher rank you need to use items which stock in the Twisting Treasures shop.


Princess Jellybean Quests

You can only do these quests when you give her a Jelly Totem. This item is given through Random Events. The Princess will ask for any item. If you quit the quest you will lose the totem you used. If you complete the quest you receive one of the jelly items. During the 2011 Jelly Festival, you had a chance to get Jelly Totems randomly from any of the regular quests for a chance at some new prizes as well as the old ones.


Tye Ticket Quests

When you do these quests you get tickets. These can be sold for iP or converted to ticket points. The points can be used in several places in Ichua like Tye's Ticket Boxes, Coreks Garden and the Magic Pool. The rarer the item the more tickets you get in return. The highest amount you can get is a 500 point ticket. These are worth a lot. They have their own rarity; 102.


Council Quests

When you do these quests you gain points for your council. You can spend your own points in the Council Shop on some special Job items or even Holy Gems. These items change every month.


Job Quests

You can do 10 Job Quests each day. They give small amounts of iP and some Job EXP. You need this EXP to level your job and be able to make more items.


Pocket's Quests

You can do these quests during the Ichu Easter. Every hour Pocket asks you to bring him one of his lost eggs. You will get Pocket Credits in return. At Pocket's Treasures you can spend these credits on Easter Items or try for the Easter Avatar. You will also get Pocket Credits for being on the Top Accolades at the Giant Egg of Doom.


Cupid's Quests

Cupid's Cloud is opened from Feb 14th to Feb 21st. In this week you can do one quest each hour. There are very easy quests up to extremely hard quests. Once you start a quest you have 30 minutes to complete the it.


Ellune's Quests

Before you can even do her quests you have to unfreeze her. This means you have to give her some iP, 2 items (common like a Green Apple and r90+ like Blade of Champ) and say the incantation releaseellunefromhercurse. After all that you can start her quests. Every 6 hours she asks you for an item. You have 12 minutes to complete a quest. At level 20+ she will most likely ask for a r90-99 item. Make sure you have many of those collected before you begin. At level 60 is the top prize: an epic weapon, the Seal of Entrapment.

Dragora's Nest Quests

Every hour the Dragora will pick an item it wants and if you bring it back, you will be rewarded... Usually that is. The Dragora only picks items with 'Dragora' or 'Egg' in them. The items she picks will be the same for everyone. At the start of the hour she'll pick a new item. You can complete Dragora's Nest Quests until the Dragora thinks you have done enough and 'bans' you from doing more quests. 


Wayob's Quests

Before you can even do his quests you have to bring some items to him.  After that you can start his quests. Every 6 hours he asks you for an item. You have 15 minutes to complete a quest. What rarity of item he will ask for is listed in a chart under quests then Wayobs quests. Make sure you have many of those items collected before you begin. Completing  level 50 quest is the only way you can obtain the Thunderstorm .Crystal.