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The object of Bone Snatcher is to collect as many bone piles as possible. You play as Sara, the Serina, who loves collecting bones. You can control her using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The setting is in a desert with a small oasis in the bottom left corner of the playing area.


Bone Snatcher Game Area

Game Play

There are three different types of bones to collect. A Pile of Bones will give you 10 points. A Skull will give you an extra life. This number will not exceed x3, however, so if you already have the maximum number of lives, it isn't really worth it to try to get it. An Arm Bone will slow the Sand Storms down, temporarily.

Sand Storms are tiny twisters that move quickly across the desert. Come into contact with one and you will lose a life. Lose all your lives and it is game over. Don't be fooled by the oasis either. It is not a safe spot. You must always avoid the Sand Storms no matter where you are on the map. Also, a Sand Storm will end and disappear, only to return again in a new location. It is wise to stay away from edges when possible because a new Sand Storm will enter from the sides of the playing area. More Sand Storms appear the higher your score gets.

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