Guardians Of Ichua

Crusade Arena (RPG) :: Guardians Of Ichua

Will you protect Ichua?

For each mission you must hunt a monster in the RPG. They are very rare monsters which appear randomly in certain maps and have a spawn rate of 1 or 2 per 100 monsters. Once you beat that monster, you will go onto the next mission. There are 10 missions to complete at the moment. You will also get a trophy for beating these monsters. The trophies upgrade once you beat the next one.

Monster 1: Bad Tempered Coppa
Location: All A Coppa



This is the first GOL monster you have to kill. You can find him in the map All A Coppa. As said earlier these monsters randomly attack you. It might take some time before you are actually attacked.
How to get to the right map;
We start in Beegin Village. Go southeast to find the teleporter to the B Plains, Beginners Plains. All the way to the west you will find the teleporter to the Cop Mine. Follow the path west until you reach a path crossing yours. There you want to go north and follow the path you are on. You will find the teleporter to All A Coppa in the southwest corner of the Cop Mine map.

Monster 2: Nasty Battle Ant
Location: Antis Dungeons: The Ants Strike Back


When you enter the B Plains from Beegin Village you go straight south. There is a little lake in the way to the teleporter so you'll have to walk around it. The teleporter to The Adventure Begins is below that lake. Then walk straight south to the teleporter to Towards The Ant Hill. Now you have to walk east to find the teleporter to the Antis Dungeons. When you enter Antis Dungeons, you'll see two diagonal paths to the west: one that goes southwest and one that goes northwest. Choose the northwestern path, then find the western portal.

Monster 3: Angry Ice Dolf
Location: Hunt For Snowmen.


We have to walk a lot more this time. Instead of going west in Towards The Anthill you go south towards The Garden Of Flowers. In the garden you go south for a bit, then follow the path west, go south again and then walk east til you see the teleporter to Twinkletown. In Twinkletown are no monsters so you can easily walk to the next map. You have to go west to the water maps and find the SS Alice. The boat leaves from the northwestern corner of this water map every 10 minutes. When you get on the boat you will be with the captain at the place you want to get off. You don't have to walk around on this map. When you get of at the Snow Docks you walk south to the teleporter. On the next map you go west to find Glemme's Ice Caves. First you have to follow the long long path. Then you have to find the teleporter going to the map 'Don't Go That Way'. On this map you will find the teleporter to Hunt For Snowmen. 

Monster 4: Barny Blubble
Location: King Of The Sea.


From now on the directions will be described from Twinkletown on. In Twinkletown you head west to the teleporter to the sea. Here you walk east to find the teleporter to the next map. There you go .....

Monster 5: Firey Fire Shroom
Location: Lair of Drago: The Fire Plains


This guy might be a bit easier to find. In Twinkletown you search for the teleporter on the east side of the map. Then in the Fold or Gamble you walk east again in a straight line. In the Forest of Decision you walk east til you are exactly in the middle of the map. Then you go north to find the entrance to the Lair Of Drago. Here you will go straight north and follow the path to the east. Then you go south to find the teleporter to the Fire Plains.

Monster 6: Rawring Relic
Location: Stonetooth Valley: Ground 2


From Twinkletown you head east till you reach the middle of the Forest of Decision map. Here you go south. You will find yourself on the Welcome area of Stonetooth Valley. The teleporter in the northeastern corner will take you to Ground 2.

Monster 7: Grumpy Gracle
Location: The Two Ponds


Now you have to walk east even more. Head east from Twinkletown up to the eastern teleporter in Forest of Decision. That teleporter will take you to One Pond. You have to go one map further. In the northeastern corner you can find the teleporter to Two Ponds.

Monster 8: Fried Frizilla
Location: Sands of the Sanlord: Shut Your Eyes


In Twinkletown you head east towards Forest of Decision. Again you keep walking in an eastern direction, all the way to Four Ponds. In Four Ponds you want to head to the middle north part of the map. There you can find a teleporter to the Sands of the Sanlord. Now it gets a little trickier, because you have to walk quite a bit through this map before you reach Sands of the Sanlord: Shut Your Eyes. The teleporter can be found in the southwest corner of the map. You have to head north first before going west and then south. You'll find a path to follow pretty soon in the map.

Monster 9: Annoyed Arro Warrior
Location: Castle of Kings: We Love Arros!


By now you know your way to the Four Ponds. You want to head to the teleporter in the middlesouth part of this map. This one will lead you to the Path to the Castle. You have to walk a pretty straightforward path before you will reach the castle. In the first level of the castle you have to find the portal in the northwest corner. Then you will find a small chamber which is called Castle of Kings: We Love Arros!

And now on to the last mission, mission 10.

Monster 10: Berzerk Yinyang
Location: Enlutar: Black N White


Walk back to Twinkletown. This time we're going somewhere else. Head west to the Deep Blue Sea and find the SS Alice. Wait for the right moment to board the ship and sail to the Snowdock. Walk southeast and then more to the east to find the teleporter To The Clouds. First go south then east and then north until you find the teleporter to the first map of Enlutar. From there, head to the northwest corner and use the portal to reach the northeast corner of the same map. Head southeast towards the middle of the eastern edge to use the teleporter there to enter Enlutar: Keep Battling. Now you walk south first then head west and in the end a bit north. You are really close to the teleporter now. You only have to walk a bit more to the east and south and you'll find the teleporter. You've reached Enlutar: Black N White. 

Good luck hunting down all these monsters!