Pilair Ichumon Pets

Ichumon Pet Colors and Species :: Pilair Ichumon

To change your Ichumon's color to Pilair you will need to purchase a Crystal or Mirror Shard from the Magic Stall Mushroom Shop. They are quite rare though so you might have better luck finding one in User Trades.
Magical Pilair Gryphix Mirror Shard
Magical Pilair Gryphix Mirror Shard
Pilair Crystal
Pilair Crystal
Ichumon Pilair Aquellia
Pilair Aquellia
Ichumon Pilair Dragora
Pilair Dragora
Ichumon Pilair Gryphix
Pilair Gryphix
Ichumon Pilair Loket
Pilair Loket
Ichumon Pilair Lycan
Pilair Lycan
Ichumon Pilair Polisis
Pilair Polisis
Ichumon Pilair Skoilo
Pilair Skoilo
Ichumon Pilair Sui
Pilair Sui