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Deal or No Deal has come to Ichumon in the form of GM Deal! The prize is 1-1,000 iC, with the different iC amounts spread across 20 blue shields, so there is a winner every time. An admin manually activates a game of GM Deal. Not only is there a news post about half an hour before it starts, the Operator is usually set to remind users every minute to join, so don't worry if you don't see the first alert. Once you join, stick around until the scheduled time arrives; the system will then randomly select a registered player to play. That player must first select a personal shield and then the game begins.

The player will then select shield by shield, each time Operator will reveal its amount in the shoutbox to the spectators. After a set number of shields, like Deal or No Deal, the Banker gives you an offer of iC based on the shields you chose. If you reject the offer, the same process is repeated over and over until there is (normally) only two/three shields left; your own and the last one. The banker makes his last offer around this time, if you accept, the game is over and your personal shield is shown. Reject and you'll get to pick the last one/two remaining. 

If you manage to win 350 or more iC you wil receive an avatar (shown below) alongside your trophy and iC.

These are the mysterious shields.. Which one would you choose?


Possible iC amounts: