Crusade Arena (RPG) :: Training

As you may well know, Ichumon have stats which include Health Points, Strength, Defence, Accuracy and Intelligence. Well you can train these stats up at the Training Camp in the Lightest Tower.

Intelligence can only be trained at the Library by reading books.


You can train Health using the Fire Amulet, Strength using the Water Amulet, Defence using the Earth Amulet and Accuracy using the Light Amulet. Each training course takes 2 hours, with only 1 hour if you are a Premium Member. Each amulet may give 1-3 Stat Points. Super Upgrade can double the amount of the stat received.

You can now also train using the Pro Training service. Just give any r90~r99 or R107 and you'll enroll on one of the pro courses. Pro training takes 6 hours or 3 hours if you are a Premium Member. Stats are random as to which is being trained and may give 1 - 10 unless they get super upgrade which can give 30 Stat Points.