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House Repair Hotshot

The owners of the Electrifying Estate of Ichua have a serious lightning problem and require your assistance! At the top of every hour, lightning strikes the estates and the estates need repaired. The wood that is rewarded through Furniture Quests will help you fix the damaged buildings! Bit's 'n Bobs, located in the Mushroom Village, has all the furniture related items you need to complete your quest. Furniture Quests can also provide you with iP for helping out. Dedicated Ichuans who fix enough estates can earn a Master Quest pin, so keep on fixin'!



 Quest Attemps Per Day: 15 for non-premium, 30 for premium


Possible Rewards: Wood Shingles, Wood Bark, Plank of Wood, Wood Log, iP


Related Weather: Blizzard (Increased Quest Rewards)


Additional Notes:  Usually, purchasing items for 3,000 iP or less for the Furniture Quests will result in a profit when completing the quest (if you are rewarded with iP). Always check the Mushroom Village before purchasing an item from a usershop. Mushroom Village prices are typically cheaper, so you can earn more iP when completing the quest!