Introduction To The Crusade Arena

Crusade Arena (RPG) :: Introduction To The Crusade Arena

The Crusade Arena is Ichumon's battle area. Here you can fight with other users, level up your pet in the RPG, do Elite Quests, Missions and much more. Most parts of the Crusade Arena have their own guides. Click on the little headers below to go to a specific guide or click on the links in the sidebar. A short description for each part can be found here.


The Armoury


This is the place where you can store all your weapons, where you can upgrade them, equip them to your pets and more.
To add weapons to your Armoury you have to click them in your inventory and choose add to Armoury. Then you can go to the Armoury to equip the weapon to your pet, sphere them, sell them or gem them.



In the RPG you can battle monsters. Each monster gives EXP and sometimes Crusade Points (cP). With buffs you can enhance your pets stats, chance of item/cP drop and auto heal. In a party you can gain a lot more EXP with other people. You can do quests in the RPG to get cP and EXP.


Night Enhancement

Some weapons have an added feature called Night Enhancement. This feature doubles the damage the weapon does during the nighttime hours of 12 AM to 5 AM Ichu time.



Some weapons have an added feature called Freezer. This feature freezes your opponent for 1 round in battling. You may equip only 1 freezer. But some weapons are not considered freezers even if they have the ability to freeze.

Elite Quests

There are 4 different Elite Quests. Each EQ has a level attached to it. If you are below that level you cannot participate in an Elite Quest of that level.
Every EQ has 3 stages. In the first stage you have to kill a number of monsters with your party. In the second stage you have to gain elite status while trying not to get HP reducing dud rocks. You fight the boss with your party in third stage.


Guardians Of Ichua

This is similar to the neoquest // defenders of neopia game on neopets. There are 10 different opponents you have to battle. After you win the battle you get a trophy; which gets upgraded for every monster mission you complete. The monsters will randomly attack you on the map they 'live' on. Naturally, the Guardians of Ichu monster cards will be much tougher to get than the plain ones.


Battle Skills and Summons


Twilight Desert Area