Ichumon's 10th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 10th Anniversary

Y9 Puzzle Collector  Year Nine

Ichugods Descend

Ichumon Gods live far beyond the skies of Myztec. Ichugod of Battle Terica has trained all the bosses in the Crusade Arena and forged their weapons with his own hands. Terica has summoned nine years of anniversary adversaries to fight in the largest battle for Ichua!

Trickster Ichugod Eycee has stolen the IchuCard template and spread IchuCards of anniversary adversaries around Ichua. If you believe you have the skill to defeat the monster on your IchuCard, visit Eycee to cast your IchuCard and summon the monster for battle. If you succeed in your battle you may be rewarded with a piece of the Y10 Anniversary Puzzle.

If you believe you belong to the most worthy of opponents seek out Terica for an epic battle. If you are able to defeat Terica you may be rewarded with an IchuCard, or as rare prizes the Y10 Birthday Cake, Eycee Plushie or Terica Plushie. Terica is no normal opponent, with each defeat he will grow stronger and stronger.

The Top 3 High Scores held by unique users against Ichugod of Battle will be awarded Tericas Swords weapon ~Sept 15. Night Enhancement will also be added to the swords at that time.

Congratulations to cheepy_chip, Anne, Sirmarks and Terror555 for winning Tericas Swords!


Year 10 Puzzle Pieces are dropped by the following Anniversary Adversaries

Cannonolia: 13(Common) 14(Rare) 

Coreks Stone Demon: 17(Common) 18(Rare)

Elemental Demon: 19(Common) 20(Rare)

Evimon: 5(Common) 6(Rare)

Frankie the Floss: 15(Common) 16(Rare)

Garish Gateau: 1(Common) 2(Rare)

General G. Jelling: 6(Common), Y10 Birthday Cake(Rare) Eycee Plushie(Rare) Terica Plushie(Rare)

Grippy the Clown: 9(Common) 10(Rare)

Ichua World Pinata: 1(Common) 2(Rare)

Jiant Jelly: 3(Common) 4(Rare)

Professor Sunrage: 21(Common) 22(Rare)

Retro Corek: 23(Common) 24(Rare) 25(Rare)

Trifle Troll: 3(Common) 4(Rare)

Wayob: 7(Common) 8(Rare)

Zomcat: 11(Common) 12(Rare)