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Do you enjoy a day of fishing the murky waters of Ichua? Then try Fishing Quests! All that you need to fish are two things: a Complete Fishing Rod and some bait. To obtain these items, you need to do a Fishing Quest. Fishing Quests can provide you with all of the supplies that you need for a successful day of fishing. Ahoy, Matey!


Quest Attempts Per Day: 15 for non-premium, 30 for premium


Possible Rewards: iP, different types of bait, pieces of a fishing rod


Related Weather: Blizzard (Increased Quest Rewards)


Baits that can be used for fishing:

To create a complete fishing rod, you need these rod piece and 10,000 iP: 

 +  +  =


Additional Notes: Purchasing items for 1,500 iP or less for Fishing Quests will (usually) result in a profit when completing the quest (based off of iP rewarded and the current cost of fishing rod pieces). Always check the Mushroom Village before purchasing an item from a usershop. Mushroom Village prices are typically cheaper, so you can earn more iP when completing the quest!

Fishing Quests