The Darkest Tower

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The Darkest Tower is the residence of Ichua's most famous villain: Corek. Thunder and rain incessantly pound the pinnacles of his vast fortress while some of the most underhanded and sly personalities make their home throughout the tower's various hideouts.

Despite the dangers lurking in every crevice, many Ichuans travel to the Darkest Tower for its various markets and tourist destinations (if you can call them that). Just make sure you have ample insurance and don't be discouraged if you lose money during your ventures into this bastion of evil.

Corek's Tower is home to the most expensive goods in Ichua, where the aristocrats of society spend their fortunes, only to become relatively less wealthy by the end of the transaction. The most expensive item is currently an animated Shoutbox background known as The Darkest Rain. Some of the more famous and powerful weapons such as Relic Slayer and Sword of Terica may also be purchased in the tower. Four items have retired from Corek's Tower throughout its history: Princess Jelly Bean, Teeny Magical Key, Mace, and Bag of Healing Leaves.


Corek's Garden is known for its scarce yet mysterious item stocks. Only certain items appear every 1000 new inhabitants Ichua gains until 100 of each item have stocked. These rare items are bought for 200-500 Ticket Points, but few have managed to catch sight of them.



Radek, The Demonic Tectowl, also makes his den in the outcrops of the Darkest Tower's sheer cliffs. He will gamble your Ticket Points for a chance at rare items. Radek will give a rare for 1251 points and he gives his stamp for 2000 points. There is also an avatar available for 600 points by typing in I LOVE RADEK in capital letters.