Ichumon's 13th Anniversary

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Emcee vs Eycee

It's the final clash! An epic food fight! We thought Eycee was the ultimate trickster ichugod but her sister Emcee has unleashed the cake monsters on Ichua where they are making a mess of things! In a surprising twist Eycee is defending Ichua this time to retain her title as the ultimate trickster ichugod! Pick your side in this epic food fight, Eycee vs Emcee. Who will become the ultimate trickster ichugod?
You can purchase up to 4 different food items per hour from the Mushroom Shops. With each food item you purchase and throw at an online member of the opposite team I will reward you with Anniversary Points based on the rarity. Then, come back to me to redeem your points for some special Anniversary Prizes!
R1-10 = 1 point
R11-20 = 2 points
R21-30 = 3 points
R31-40 = 4 points
R41-50 = 5 points
R51-60 = 6 points
R61-70 = 7 points
R71-80 = 8 points
R81-89 = 9 points
R90-98 = 10 points
R99 = 11 points

Anniversary Prizes

Y13 User Icon
Y13 Cake
Pie in Your Face
Emcee Plushie
Puzzle Pieces
You will receive the Y13 Icon as your 2nd and 10th anniversary prize.
Top team members will receive bonus box items at the end of the anniversary event!
Cake Monsters drop some tasty IchuCards!

Crusade Arena Cake Monsters

Snow Dock+

Stone Tooth Valley+

Crystal Cave+