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Hidden Avatars

Action Action
    Put an Ellune Action Figure into your Toy Collection.
Alexia Puzzle Collector Alexia Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Alexia Puzzle.
Alice Puzzle Collector Alice Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Alice Puzzle.
Alien Invasion Alien Invasion
    Have 20 Alien Tadpoles in your inventory.
Ancient Ancient
    View Operator's user profile while having an Ancient Stone Blade in your inventory.
Ancient Fish Ancient Fish
    Play with an Ancient Fish ichie.
Ancient War Ancient War
    Convert an Ancient War Helm to Treasure Points from your Inventory.
Antis Himself Antis Himself
    Defeat Antis Himself in the Crusade Arena.
Apple A Day Apple A Day
    Feed a Green Apple to your Ichumon pet.
Apple Killer! Apple Killer!
    Shred 1000 Green Apples total in the history of your Ichumon time.
Apple? Apple?
    Visit the Create an Ichumon Galatania page while having Galatania Apple, Green Apple, and Magical Green Galatania Mirror Shard in inventory.
Approach The Leopardos Approach The Leopardos
    Random prize when visiting Approach The Leopardos.
Arrow Attack Arrow Attack
    Random when defeating an Arrow in the Crusade Arena.
Astro Astro
    Use any Magical Astro Shard on a pet.
Astro Grapes Astro Grapes
    Feed Astro Grapes to an Astro Ichumon.
Ava Apple Ava Apple
    Purchase Ava Apple Avatar Item from Ava Apple at the Apple Shop.
Awww, sad... :-( Awww, sad... :-(
    Random when playing with a Blizz.
Baby D Baby D
    Use Newborn Danemue Mirror Shard on a pet.
Bandito Bandito
    Pawn a Bandito in the Pawn Shop.
Battle Ants... weep Battle Ants... weep
    Random when defeating Battle Ant in the Crusade Arena.
Battle Music Battle Music
    Have all 8 Music Notes in your inventory.
Battle Royale Battle Royale
    Win Battle Royale and visit the Battle Royale page.
Beanbag Beanbag
    Remove a Red Lepardos Beanbag from your Toybox.
    Shred a Malfunctioning Lepardos Robot at The Shredder.
Big Bean Big Bean
    Random from completing a Jelly Bean quest.
Biology Biology
    Read Ichua Biology Book to a pet at the Library.
Bizarre Bizarre
    Put a Bizarre Mushroom into your Food Collection.
Bloomdale Bloomdale
    Attach a Bloomdale to a Sprout Pet.
Blubble! Blubble!
    Defeat Blubble in the Crusade Arena.
Blue Balloon Holding Dragora Blue Balloon Holding Dragora
    Random when shredding a Blue Balloon Holding Dragora Plushie.
Blue Jello Blue Jello
    Feed Blue Jello to a pet.
Blue Wild Attack Rabbit Blue Wild Attack Rabbit
    Defeat Blue Wild Attack Rabbit in the Crusade Arena.
Blue Zirafa Blue Zirafa
    Create a Zirafa pet. (Any color)
Bone Reader Bone Reader
    Random from getting a Disease from Archeon Bones.
Boo Pop Boo Pop
    Buy a Ghost Lollipop from a user shop.
Boom Boom
    Purchase an Ichu Bomb from the Battle Supplies.
Bounce Leepra Bounce Bounce Leepra Bounce
    View the High Scores for Leaping Leepras when you are in first place.
Breakout Breakout
    Successfully send a score of 2510+ on Breakout.
Broken Shredder Broken Shredder
    Break The Shredder (by shredding certain items) Items that work: Plain Rock, Ball and Chain, Ichu Bomb, Gryphix Bomb. Or shred many, many items and the Shredder will eventually break.
Bull Bull
    Add Bull Plushie to the Plushie Drive.
Calistas Treasures Calistas Treasures
    Score 9,900+ Points in Calista's Treasures in the same month.
Candy Love Candy Love
    View Vampire Candy Corn in your inventory.
Caution... Caution...
    Buy a Poison Flower from Bits and Bobs.
Century Club Century Club
    Reach Pet level 100 and enter the Century Club.
Chansu Chansu
    Attach a Chansu on a blue pet.
Cloudy Cloudy
    Purchase an Air Sphere from the Battle Supplies.
Clump of Mud Clump of Mud
    Dig up a Clump of Mud at Dig For Glory.
COFFEE!!! <3 COFFEE!!! <3
    View 15 Cup of Coffee (any color combination) in your inventory.
Color Red Color Red
    View 15 Red Teeniweenis in your Inventory.
Corek Puzzle Collector Corek Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Corek Puzzle.
Corek Quester Corek Quester
    Random when completing a Corek Quest.
Coreks Garden Coreks Garden
    Purchase an item from Corek's Garden.
Cracked Cracked
    Random when interacting with the Giant Egg of Doom.
Creepy Crawler Creepy Crawler
    Have a Level 5 or higher Creepy Spider attached to your pet.
Crusade Arena Crusade Arena
    Purchase from the Crusade Arena Shop.
CTF Winner CTF Winner
    Random when winning Capture the Flag.
Cuddly Cuddly
    Add Blue Polisis Plushie to the Plushie Drive.
Cupcake Cupcake
    Feed Chocolate Cupcake to a pet.
Cut Hack Slice Cut Hack Slice
    Donate an Enhanced Battle Axe from your inventory.
Danemue Danemue
    View the pet profile of a Danemue.
Dangerous Dangerous
    View the main Crusade Arena page while having a Possessed Skull Bomb in your inventory.
Death By Chocolate Death By Chocolate
    Feed Delicious Devil Cake to a pet.
Delight Jelly Delight Jelly
    Feed Jelly of Passionate Delight to a pet.
Dematicipator Dematicipator
    Create Dematicipator at Dr. Dimmer's Lab.
Demon Crab Demon Crab
    Donate a Demon Crab to the Donation Hole.
Demon Day 09 Demon Day 09
    View the pet profile of a Demon Arro.
Demon Dragora Demon Dragora
    Use any Magical Demon Shard on a pet.
Demon Jawbreaker Demon Jawbreaker
    Feed a Demon Jawbreaker to an Ignomi Ichumon.
Demon Lycan Demon Lycan
    View the pet profile of a Demon Lycan.
Demonfin Demonfin
    Buy a Demonfin in the Ichie Shop.
Demonic Demonic
    Feed a Demonic Cupcake to your Ichumon.
Demonic Hex Demonic Hex
    Lose a Demonic Hex Plushie to the Dice of Doom.
Devious Devious
    View a Red Devia and a Demon Crystal in your inventory at the same time.
Dice of Doom Dice of Doom
    Land on the Avatar side when playing Dice of Doom.
Divinity Divinity
    Use a Divinity Shard in a 2-player battle in the Crusade Arena.
Don Don't Eat Me!
    Try to feed a Sad Gingerbread Man cookie to a full pet.
Dont Play with Fire! Dont Play with Fire!
    Have your Ichumon play with a Red Flarix Lighter.
Dr Dim Dr Dim
    Complete one Dr. Dim Quest.
Dr. Dimmer Dr. Dimmer
    Random from creating an item in Dr. Dimmer's Lab.
Draegarn Draegarn
    Add Draegarn Plushie to the Plushie Drive.
Dragon Ice Dagger Dragon Ice Dagger
    Equip Dragon Ice Dagger to a pet.

Drooling Toothkat Drooling Toothkat
    Shred 50 Toothkat items.
Drought Puzzle Collector Drought Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichua Drought Puzzle.
Duckies! Duckies!
    Have 20 rubber ducks in your Inventory.
Easy! Easy!
    Play with a Palm Tree Puzzle.
Enchanting! Enchanting!
    Get 4 on all stats when you use an Enchanting Skull Potion.
Error Cop Error Cop
    Defeat Coppa in the Crusade Arena.
Error Cop RAWR Error Cop RAWR
    Receive the Coppa Monster Card randomly when defeating a Coppa in the Crusade Arena.
Evil Dark Fluff Evil Dark Fluff
    Defeat Evil Dark Fluff in the Crusade Arena.
Evil Spyder Evil Spyder
    Attach Evil Spyder to a pet.
Evolved Ichie Evolved Ichie
    Evolve an ichie.
Eye Of The Gryphix Eye Of The Gryphix
    View Eye of the Gryphix and Glass Eye in your inventory.
Eye See You Eye See You
    Put Earth Seeker in the Armoury.
Fargos Forest Fargos Forest
    Visit Fargo's Forest.
Febicoon Love Febicoon Love
    Random when playing with a Febicoon ichie.
Fiery Attack Fiery Attack
    Search for "Fire Demon Attack Orb" in the search bar.
Fire Earth Water Fire Earth Water
    Redeem a 8,000 iP or more prize from Fire, Earth, Water.
Fishy Fishy
    Fish from the Fishing Game using a Jeweled Hook.
Flea Fiesta Flea Fiesta
    Add all 6 Flea Plushies to the Plushie Drive on the same day.
Flora Flora! Flora Flora!
    View the Ichumon Calendar while having a Flora in your inventory.
Fortunate Fortunate
    Random when feeding a Fortune Cookie to a pet.
Foul Swamp Foul Swamp
    Find the item in the Foul Swamp.
Freeze Potion Freeze Potion
    Purchase a Freeze Potion from the Battle Supplies.
Furious Furious
    Search for Furious in the search bar.
Furious Candle Furious Candle
    Have a Rage Candle with at least 10 other items with 'candle' in their names in your inventory.
Gelato Gelato
    Restock a Chilled Cherry Gelato for exaclty 1337 iP.
Giant Egg of Doom Puzzle Collector Giant Egg of Doom Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Giant Egg of Doom Puzzle.
Glowfly Glowfly
    Have a level 10 Glowfly Ichie attached to your Ichumon.
    Win 350 or more iC in the game GM Deal.
Got The Beat Got The Beat
    Search for Music Note in the search bar.
Greick Greick
    Have a Greick in your inventory.
Grim Grim
    View Head of Grim in your inventory.
Grubs Grubs
    View a Green Grubbie and an Orange Grubbie at the same time in your inventory.
Grumpy Gracle Grumpy Gracle
    Challenge the Grumpy Gracle for a fight in the 2-player Crusade Arena.
Gryphix Gryphix
    View the pet profile of a Gryphix.
Guess The Number Guess The Number
    Win a game of Guess The Number.
Gummy Bears Gummy Bears
    Feed Grape Polisis Gummies to a pet.
Gummy Carrots Gummy Carrots
    Feed your pet a Gummy Baby Carrots.
Hangman X) Hangman X)
    Win a game of GM Hangman.
Happy Happy
    Search for Happy in the search bar.
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
    Visit the Ichumon Calendar page on your Birthday.
Happy Halloween Happy Halloween
    Random prize from a Festival of ARHHH! Goodie Bag.
Hatchling Hatchling
    Hatch a pet (at Dr. Dim's Laboratory).
Heal Me Heal Me
    Visit the Heal Center in the Lightest Tower and have your pet healed.
Healthy Healthy
    Feed your Ichumon a Veggie Drink.
Heart Of Gold Heart Of Gold
    View Golden Heart Medallion in your inventory.
Help Im Stuck! Help Im Stuck!
    Receive a Trapped-in-a-Jelly Ichu from a Princess Jelly Bean Quest.
Higher or Lower Higher or Lower
    Random when winning a game of Higher or Lower.
Holey Moley Holey Moley
    Score over 2500 in Holey Moley.
Hot Zirafa Hot Zirafa
    Use a Demon Crystal on a Zirafa pet.
I am the 10% I am the 10%
    Random when successfully attaching a 10% Holy Gem to a weapon.
    Remove a level 4+ Hateling from your pet.
I Heart Avril I Heart Avril
    View Avril Lavigne Plushie and Pink Microphone in your inventory.
    Have 10 DIFFERENT items with the word 'carrot' in the name, in the inventory.
I love Ichu Bits I love Ichu Bits
    View 11 different types of Ichu-Bits (except for Flarix, Danemue, Arro, and Iraknid Ichu-Bits) in your inventory.
I Love Radek I Love Radek
    Type I LOVE RADEK (in Capital Letters) into Radek's ticket amount field. NOTE: Costs 600 Ticket Points!
I Love You I Love You
    Random when + hearting any user.
Icek Hmm Icek Hmm
    Search for Icek Plushie in Wishlist search.
Ichie Owned Ichie Owned
    Random when playing with an ichie.
Ichu Day Ichu Day
    Add Baby Ichu Plushie to your Plushie Collection.
Ichu Ichumon Ichu Ichumon
    Have an Ichu as one of your pets and view its profile.
Ichu Puzzle Collector Ichu Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichu Puzzle.
Ichu Roll! Ichu Roll!
    Random when rolling a Magical Fuzzy Dice (of any color).
Ichu Year 1 Collector Ichu Year 1 Collector
    Complete the Ichu Year 1 Puzzle.
Ichua World Ichua World
    Complete the Ichua World Puzzle.
Ignomi Day Ignomi Day
    View the pet profile of an Ignomi.
Imma Getcha Imma Getcha
    Attach Bagged Green Nawer to a pet.
Imma Star Imma Star
    Visit the World Map and find the hidden link by a falling star.
Inferno Inferno
    View Flame Sphere in your inventory.
Insert Here! Insert Here!
    Use a Vending Machine Ticket at the Vending Machine.
Inverno Arro Inverno Arro
    View the pet profile of an Inverno Arro.
Inverno Vinali Inverno Vinali
    View the pet profile of an Inverno Vinali.
Iraknid Iraknid
    View the Create A Pet page for the Iraknid species.
Is It Soft? Is It Soft?
    Put the Super Soft Hedgehog Plushie in your Plushie Collection.
It It's hard!
    Feed an Ancient Stone Sandwich to your pet.
Jelly Festival Jelly Festival
    View any three Jeela ichies in your inventory (any color combination).
Jelly War Jelly War
    Feed Leaning Tower of Jelly to a pet.
Jet Sleigh Jet Sleigh
    Search for a "Jet Sleigh" in the search bar.
Just Married Just Married
    View a pet that is married.
Kiwilicious Kiwilicious
    Random when feeding a pet a Kiwi Slice.
Know-it-all-Kisser Know-it-all-Kisser
    Read Book of Kissing to a pet at the Library.
Lasagna Lasagna
    Buy a Lasagna from the Food Shop.
Leafbun Leafbun
    Delete a Leafbun in your inventory.
Leafy One Leafy One
    Win a battle against a Forest Guardian with a Sprout Ichumon Pet.
Lightning Houses Lightning Houses
    Fix 100+ Lightning Houses within the same month.
Lil Dragoon Lil Dragoon
    Buy a Lil Dragoon Plushie in Corek's Tower while having 2 Lil Dragoon in your inventory.
Loket Loket
    Add Green Loket Plushie to the Plushie Drive.
Lovebot Lovebot
    Random when playing with a Lovebot ichie.
Lucky Lucky
    Random when successfully grabbing a gold pot at Lucky Lyra.
Lucky Bag Lucky Bag
    Win a shard from the Lucky Bag.
Lucky Wink Lucky Wink
    View a gallery with 100+ Lucky Lepardos
Luminous Luminous
    View the Crusade Arena High Scores for Sarkling.
Maeva puzzle Collector Maeva puzzle Collector
    Complete the Maeva Puzzle.
Magical Pool Magical Pool
    Random when using Fargo's Morphic Pool.
Master Quester Master Quester
    Complete 101 Master Quests.
Mel-T Puzzle Collector Mel-T Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Mel-T Puzzle.
Meow Pussy Cat Meow Pussy Cat
    View Kitteh in your inventory.
Meow? Meow?
    View Turble in your inventory.
Meteor Meteor
    Equip an Astro Meteor to an Astro Ichumon.
Mmmm... Biscuit Mmmm... Biscuit
    View Lycan Biscuits in your inventory.
Money Grabber Money Grabber
    Grab a money bag worth over 2000 iP in Money Grabbing.
    Feed Muncher a Purple Apple by having both in your inventory during Apple Rain weather.
Musical Musical
    View 10 or more Pink Piano Keyboards in your inventory.
    Add Limited Edition Dragora Plushie to your Plushie Collection while having a Dragora as your Active Pet.
Mystery Mystery
    Random when eating a Mystery Mint Hard Candy.
Myztec Myztec
    Visit Myztec.
Nearpo Nearpo
    Random when buying Nearpo from the Ichie Shop.
Need a Job? Need a Job?
    Random from creating a job item.
Newborn Newborn
    Use a Newborn Crystal on a pet.
News Reader News Reader
    Random when viewing a news Update (only one try per new Update). This means whenever there is a new Update, you can view it and if you get lucky you will get the avatar.
Not Sure If Safe To Eat Not Sure If Safe To Eat
    Try to feed Mouse Soup to a full pet.
Not the Gum Drops! Not the Gum Drops!
    Random when feeding Assorted Gum Drops to your pet.
Nupone Mine Nupone Mine
    Create Nupone at Dr. Dimmer's Lab.
Octo-Love Octo-Love
    Create the Octo-Love Avatar at Dr. Dimmer's Lab. Ingredients: Mr. Octopus, Mrs. Octopus, Baby Boy Octopus and Baby Girl Octopus.
Ole *whack* Ole *whack*
    New Solution: View an Oles Ban-Hammer in your inventory.
Old Solution: View Ole's profile while having an Oles Ban-Hammer in your inventory.
Oops Oops
    Look at your Food Collection with the 3 Upside Down Ice Cream Cones (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla).
Organic Orange Organic Orange
    Random when feeding an Organic Orange to your pet.
Ouch! Ouch!
    Successfully send a score of 6000+ on Snubbu's Sno-Gro.
Out of Order Out of Order
    Break the Stone Clock.
Pantheon Pantheon
    Visit Pantheon.
Party 2009! Party 2009!
    View New Years 2009 Hat in your inventory.
Pass the Football! Pass the Football!
    Gift a Football to another user.
Phoenix Phoenix
    View Phoenix Feather and Phoenix Potion in your inventory.
Pilair Pilair
    Visit Pilair.
Pilair Puzzle Collector Pilair Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Pilair Puzzle.
Pinkchumon Pinkchumon
    Use any Magical Pink Shard on a pet.
Pinwheel Pinwheel
    Random when playing with an Astro Pinwheel.
Plaster? Plaster?
    Random from a Lepardos Pet playing with a Plaster Lepardos Skull.
Poison Shrooms Poison Shrooms
    Random when viewing your inventory with a Poisonous Mushroom.
Poisonous Mushrooms Poisonous Mushrooms
    View Poisonous Mushrooms in your inventory.
Poolooooo Poolooooo
    Random when defeating Ice Poolo in the Crusade Arena.
Poor Snubbu Poor Snubbu
    View Snubbu Ice Cream in your inventory.
Popular Popular
    View the profile of a user with over 50 Hearts.
Punishment Punishment
    Try to play with a Punishment ichie when you've already played with it this month.
Pure Evil Pure Evil
    Create Mr Evil Peanut at Dr. Dimmer's Lab.
Purple Cup Purple Cup
    Buy a Purple Drago Cup from Bits and Bobs.
Queen Of Pilair Queen Of Pilair
    Random when viewing the Queen of Pilair page.
Rainbow Plushie Rainbow Plushie
    Purchase a Rainbow Plushie from the Toy Pen.
Rainy Day Rainy Day
    Have 5, 15, and 30 Minute Rainy Weather items in your inventory.
Random Jelly Random Jelly
    Open a Jar of HUH Jelly.
Rarity Wiz Rarity Wiz
    Random when correctly guessing in the Rarity Game.
Rawr!!! Rawr!!!
    Search for my lil bear in the search bar and view the item result's information.
Relic! Relic!
    Defeat Relic in the Crusade Arena.
Ribbit Ribbit
    Have a Ribbit, a Fez Hat, and a Frizog in your inventory.
Sanlord Sanlord
    Defeat Sanlord in the Crusade Arena.
Scary! Scary!
    Attach a Zombilo ichie to your Ichumon.
Scratchcard Scratchcard
    Receive a Battle Zone Card when buying a Scratchcard.
Seamrog Seamrog
    Delete a Seamrog in your inventory.
Shadow Scythe Shadow Scythe
    Use a Hidden Shadow Scythe and any other weapon in the same turn in a Crusade Arena 1-player battle.
Sheet Ghost ARHH!! Sheet Ghost ARHH!!
    Search for Sheet Ghost in the search bar and view the item result's information.
Shredded Shard Shredded Shard
    Shred any Magical Mirror Shard in The Shredder.
Sick Pony Sick Pony
    View a Beriberi Infected Shetland Pony ichie attached to a pet.
Silly Seal Silly Seal
    Search for silly the seal in the search bar and view the item result's information.
Sleeping Poli Sleeping Poli
    View the profile of a banned user while having a Poli in your inventory.
Smelly Elle Smelly Elle
    Purchase an Elle from the Ichie Store.
Smooch Smooch
    Receive a Wearable Kiss On Cheek as a gift from someone else.
    Random when winning SNAP!.
Snazzy Snazzy
    View Glowing Time Keeper in your inventory.
Snuggles Snuggles
    Purchase a Snuggles from the Ichie Store.
So cute So cute
    Purchase a Bubble Ichu Plushie from the Toy Pen.
Soft Poop! Soft Poop!
    Purchase a Poo Plushie from the Toy Pen.
Sour Lemon Sour Lemon
    Equip Lemon Grenade to a pet.
Sprout Day Sprout Day
    View the Calendar page on Sprout Day.
Sprout Dessert Sprout Dessert
    Feed Sprout Cookies to a Sprout Ichumon.
Sprout! Sprout!
    Use a Sprout Crystal on a pet.
Squishy Squishy
    Add Cutie Pumpkin Plushie to your Plushie Collection.
SSS Jackpot SSS Jackpot
    Win the Jackpot on Sly Slick Slots.
Staff of the Forest Staff of the Forest
    Read Mysteries of the Forest to an Ichumon while having Staff of the Forest in your Armoury.
Stamp Sender Stamp Sender
    Send any Rarity 99 stamp in an Ichumail.
Star Berry Star Berry
    Pick up a Star Berry from the Luwhut Tree.
Stock Crash Stock Crash
    Awarded when one or more of your stocks in the Stock Market crashes.
Stonetooth Stonetooth
    Defeat Stonetooth in the Crusade Arena.
Strawberry Strawberry
    View 10 Strawberry Plushies in your inventory.
Striped Ball Striped Ball
    Random when your pet plays with a Striped Ball.
Sunnie! Sunnie!
    Buy a Sunnie ichie from the Ichie Shop while the weather is Sunny.
Sunny Day Sunny Day
    View 10 Items in your inventory with the name Sun in them. (Not sunshine, Sunny, etc..)
Super Lepardos Super Lepardos
    Add Super Lepardos Plushie to your Plushie Collection.
Super Sneaker Super Sneaker
    Receive a Super Orange Sneaker from the Luwhut Tree.
Super Soft! Super Soft!
    View a Super Soft Red Panda Plushie with two older Super Soft plushies (total of three Super Soft plushies) in your inventory.
Super Sweet Super Sweet
    View the following items in your inventory: Magic Mix, Cupcakie, and Cake Doll.
TeeniCon TeeniCon
    Random when redeeming a prize during TeeniCon.
TehJoeh Quack? TehJoeh Quack?
    Random when visiting a Tehjoeh ichie attached to a pet.
The Darkest Tower The Darkest Tower
    Visit the Darkest Tower.
The Lightest Tower The Lightest Tower
    Visit The Lightest Tower.
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm
    Use the Thunderstorm Crystal on an Ichumon.
Top Earner Top Earner
    Have 5,000,000+ iP in your Bank and view the Bank page.
Top Strawberry Top Strawberry
    Random when playing with a Strawberry Top.
Toucan Hero Toucan Hero
    Add Super Soft Toucan Plushie to the Plushie Drive.
Training Training
    Random when finishing training at the Training Camp.
Treasured Mines Puzzle Collector Treasured Mines Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Treasured Mines Puzzle.
Tye Ticket Hustler Tye Ticket Hustler
    Correctly guess and win a gamble of 10,000 Tickets at Tye's Ticket Box.
Ugly Freaking Orange Ugly Freaking Orange
    Have a pet play with a Toy Flying UFO.
Uh Oh! Uh Oh!
    Random while Mining.
Ultimate Restocker Ultimate Restocker
    Purchase a Rarity 99 item from the Mushroom Shops.
Ultra Healer Ultra Healer
    Purchase any Healing Potion from the Magic Stall.
Under The Rock Under The Rock
    Random when playing Under the Rock.
Unlucky Unlucky
    View Maevas Black Cat in your inventory.
Veggie Burger Veggie Burger
    Buy a Veggie Burger in the Food Shop.
Very Hungry Kopie Very Hungry Kopie
    Successfully send a score of 10,000+ points on Hungry Kopie.
Vinali Vinali
    Create a Vinali pet.
Wandering Ghost Wandering Ghost
    Defeat Wandering Ghost in the Crusade Arena.
Warrior Warrior
    Roll a Warrior Gnome in Item Roller.
Warzone Warzone
    Random when defeating an Aleon in the Crusade Arena.
What Did You Do What Did You Do
    Give a Rose of Enchantment to Calista > click
Winter Winds Winter Winds
    Add Bottled Winter to your Closet.
Wishing Well Wishing Well
    Donate 800,000 iP to the Wishing Well.
Won Won't make you cry!
    Put a Happy Onion Plushie in the Plushie Drive.
Woooooooosh! Woooooooosh!
    View the Item Roller page after winning a Rarity 98 item from Operator.
Wormzy Wormzy
    Attach Wormzy to a pet.
Y Hallo Thar Y Hallo Thar
    Visit Dr. Dim's Laboratory while having a Leeklu in your inventory.
Y10 Puzzle Collector Y10 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y10 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y11 Puzzle Collector Y11 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y11 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y12 Puzzle Collector Y12 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y12 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y13 Puzzle Collector Y13 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y13 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y14 Puzzle Collector Y14 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y14 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y2 Puzzle Collector Y2 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon 2nd Anniversary Puzzle.
Y3 Puzzle Collector Y3 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon 3rd Anniversary Puzzle.
Y4 Puzzle Collector Y4 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon 4th Anniversary Puzzle.
Y5 Puzzle Collector Y5 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y5 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y6 Puzzle Collector Y6 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y6 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y7 Puzzle Collector Y7 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y7 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y8 Puzzle Collector Y8 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y8 Anniversary Puzzle.
Y9 Puzzle Collector Y9 Puzzle Collector
    Complete the Ichumon Y9 Anniversary Puzzle.
Year Five Year Five
    Random from the Y5 Gift Bag.
Year Fourteen Year Fourteen
    Complete the Sky Seal.
You Have Mail You Have Mail
    View your Ichumail Inbox when there are five or more Unread messages.
    Random when feeding a pet a Strawberry Topped Chocolate Cupcake.

Event Avatars

Only obtainable during special Ichumon Events.
Bonfire Day Bonfire Day
    View the Updates page on Guy Fawke's Day.
Calista the Grinch Calista the Grinch
    Random when giving a snowball to Calista during the Festival of Pilair Event.
Click Wars Click Wars
    Get a Top 3 score on a Click Wars match.
Council Wars Champion Council Wars Champion
    Be a member of the winning council in Council Wars and claim your prize.
Cupid Loves Me Cupid Loves Me
    Complete a Cupid Quest for the item Cupids Ribbon.
Drink Up Drink Up
    Complete a Cupid Quest for the item Love Me Liquor.
Easter Champion Easter Champion
    Random when spending 100 Pocket Credits at Pocket's Treasures.
    Random when completing a Pocket Quest.
Egg Hunter Egg Hunter
    Collect all 45 Deluxe Easter Eggs from Pocket's Easter Egg Hunt.
Festival of Pilair Festival of Pilair
    View Hale on your own profile during Festival of Pilair.
First to the Witch! First to the Witch!
    Be the first person any hour to click on Trick as a prize at Maeva during the Festival of ARHHHH!
Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
    Random when viewing the Pilair Tree.
Harvus Harvus
    Random from filling an Empty Cornucopia during IchuHarvest.
Heartbreak Heartbreak
    Complete the Broken Heart Plushie quest at Cupid's Cloud.
Heartchu Heartchu
    Random when reading a letter sent to you at Cupid's Mailbox.
Hot Buns Hot Buns
    Receive a Hot Buns from Pocket when turning in 40 Pocket Credits at Pocket's Treasures.
Ichumon Year One Ichumon Year One
    Random when opening an Ichumon Year One Gift Bag.
Lurv Lurv
    Give the 10 original Love Hearts (one of each) to Lucille Cupid at Cupid's Cloud.
Lycan Day Lycan Day
    View the Ichumon Calendar on Lycan Day.
Remember Remember
    View a Poppy Pin in your inventory on Veteran's Day.
Snow Day Snow Day
    Give a snowball to Mel-T during the Festival of Pilair Event. (Random)
Team Alexia Team Alexia
    Score 100 War Points on Team Alexia.
Team Alice Team Alice
    Score 100 War Points on Team Alice.
Team Darkest Tower Team Darkest Tower
    Click with Darkest Tower team in Click Wars.
Team Lightest Tower Team Lightest Tower
    Click with Lightest Tower team in Click Wars.
Team Mushroom Shops Team Mushroom Shops
    Click with Mushroom Shops team in Click Wars.
Team Pilair Team Pilair
    Click with Pilair team in Click Wars.
Year Eight Year Eight
    Successfully attack Professor Sunrage 48 times.
Year Eleven Year Eleven
    Restock 20 different IchuCards and visit Goneff.
Year Four Year Four
    Random from the Y4 Gift Bag.
Year Nine Year Nine
    Complete 25 of Corek's Scroll Recipes.
Year Seven Year Seven
    Random from curing Elemental Ichumon during Y7 Anniversary.
Year Six Year Six
    Purchase using points from the Y6 event.
Year Ten Year Ten
    Cast all 15 of the Y10 monster IchuCards and win the battle in the Crusade Arena.
Year Thirteen Year Thirteen
    Collect 100 Anniverstary points
Year Three Year Three
    Random from the Y3 Gift Bag.
Year Twelve Year Twelve
    Return a deck of world IchuCards to Fargo.
Year Two Year Two

Cashshop Avatars

Available only from the Cashshop or from other users.
Banana Gun Banana Gun
    Use the Banana Gun Avatar item.
Battle Glemme Battle Glemme
    Use the Battle Glemme Avatar item.
Donator Donator
    Use the Donator Avatar item.
Misippi Misippi
    Use the Misippi Avatar item.
Premium Premium
    Use the Premium Avatar item.
Prickly Prickly
    Use the Prickly Avatar item.
Squishy Squid Squishy Squid
    Use the Squishy Squid Avatar item.
Toxic Skull Toxic Skull
    Use the Toxic Skull Avatar item.

Inactive Avatars

Currently not obtainable, but may be in the future.
Ichu Voter Ichu Voter
    Random when voting for Ichumon.
IchuExam Pass IchuExam Pass
    Score 90% or higher on IchuExams. Currently there are no IchuExams.
Question Time Question Time
    Be first to correctly guess the answer to Question Time.
Team Dr Dim Team Dr Dim
    Click with Dr Dim team in Click Wars.
Team Fargos Forest Team Fargos Forest
    Click with Fargos Forest team in Click Wars.
Treasure Treasure
    Click on the special treasure Clam in the Underwater part of the RPG (Version 1).
    Be first to correctly guess the answer to What Am I?

Retired Avatars

No longer obtainable.
Dessert Warfare Victory Dessert Warfare Victory
    Score at least 1 point in the Dessert Warfare plot.
Ice Smashing Ice Smashing
    Reach level 20 of the Ice Terrain during the Agent Jeff Plot.
Ichunyte Ichunyte
    Random from defeating an Evil Ichumon during Y3 Anniversary.
Malvagio Kicked My Butt Malvagio Kicked My Butt
    Random when losing to Malvagio in the War Room during Corek Strikes Back plot.
Mysterious Anpu Priest Mysterious Anpu Priest
    Participate in the Drought Plot of 2011.
One Year Old One Year Old
    View the Updates page during the Year 1 Celebration.
Welcome Back Welcome Back
    Sign the Rock of Beta.