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Ichu Weather


Ichua, just like any other planet, experiences Weather changes and seasons. The season -Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter- will determine what Weather is likely to occur in Ichua. In Ichua, the Weather changes every hour at the top of the hour. Also, the time of day will effect what Weather will occur as there are different conditions in the Day and in the Night. The Weather in Ichua influences different parts of the site for better or worse. Each Weather condition has its own special effects on the world.


Weather Effect


You can earn double the regular Experience in the Crusade Arena
Partly Sunny  Random Events will occur
Cloudy The Shops will sell their items at half-off. This doesn't include Shops with irregular restocking rates like Corek's Tower.
Apple Rain There will be an increased chance of getting an apple-related Random Event
Blizzard Quests completed during the hour will have an increased reward amount. This does not effect Event Quests or unique Quests like Ellune's Quests, Princess Jelly Quests, or Dragora's Nest Quests.
Eclipse Random items in the Mushroom Shops will cost only 1iP. This doesn't include Shops with regular restocking rates like Corek's Tower.
Lightning Strikes an online Ichuan with a random r90-r99 item.
Raining Corek's Quests you complete will have an increased reward amount.
Snowy There will be a double restocking rate in the Shops. This doesn't effect Shops will irregular restocking rates like Corek's Tower.
Thunder Showers A random item will fall into the Donation Hole. Be the first one to grab it, and it's yours.
Very Windy Bags of iP will appear more frequently in Money Grabbing.
Windy Normally with Flash Games you can earn up to 2,000 iP. Windy Weather triples this, so you can earn up to 6,000 iP. But you have to EARN it. For example, if a score of 20 earns you 2,000 iP in Stinger Shot, you will need to submit a score of 60 to earn 6,000 iP.
Clear Night The amount of cP that is dropped by Monsters in the Crusade Arena is double the normal rate.

Full Moon Night
Random Night Events.
Random events occur.
Rainy Night Sly Slick Slots will have unlimited plays.
Cloudy Night You will have a better chance at getting the amount you ask for from the Wishing Well; that is, if there's any iP down there XD