Weapon Upgrading

Crusade Arena (RPG) :: Weapon Upgrading

1. Go to your Armoury then select the Upgrade link at the top.
2. Select the weapon that you desire to gem/sphere and go to the next phase.
3. Now select the Gem/Sphere and Dream Crystal (if you are using a Sphere a Dream Crystal is not needed, but with a Holy Gem it is strongly recommended).
4. Hit the upgrade link below selection to see if it succeeds or fails.


While optional, if you don't use a Dream Crystal with a Holy Gem your weapon will be destroyed if the upgrade fails. It is very strongly suggested you use a Dream Crystal. Your equipment only has 10 slots total initially so If gemming the first slot fails remove and replace the weapon to regain the use of that slot. Removing a gemmed weapon from your armoury removes all gems and spheres.


When you are successful with the Gem/Sphere your rewards will be added Icons to your weapon as described below.




Water Sphere

Toxic Sphere

Flower Sphere

Star Sphere

Lightning Sphere

Fire Sphere

Dark Sphere

Earth Sphere

Heal Sphere

The first 8 spheres shown above will give the following to a weapon
100% = 1 icon
50% = 4 icons
10% = 10 icons

Heal Spheres
100% = 5 hp healing
50% = 20 hp healing
10% = 75 hp healing


With the 10% and 50 % sphere there is a chance to fail.
All spheres will use up a slot on your weapon but will not destroy the weapon.


Holy Gems

There are 3 types of Holy Gems 10%, 20% and 40% which give the following:
40% = 8 to 24 icons of all but healing with a 60% chance of failure
20% = 8 to 32 icons of all but healing with a 80% chance of failure
10% = 8 to 48 icons of all but healing with a 90% chance of failure

number of icons per type:
40% = 1 to 3 icons
20% = 1 to 4 icons
10% = 1 to 6 icons


Where they are obtained from

The spheres are obtained from elite quests and chests. Holy Gems are obtained from elite quest level 70 (EQ70). A 40% Holy Gem can be obtained from an elite quest level 50 (EQ50) also. Chests can also give holy gems. Some months the 10% Holy Gem is in the council shop for 17K. A craftsman can change a 10% Holy Gem into a 40% Holy Gem with a Red Crystal.