Ichumon's 14th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 14th Anniversary


Void and the Sky Seal

Long ago, on a distant planet circled by a single lonely moon, a child awoke.
"Hello?" Called the lonely voice. She waited but no one responded as she looked out from her palace and down at the peaceful planet nearby.
She reached out a hand toward the planet and something shifted. As she moved her hand again, something more appeared before her. As the ciphers moved before her eyes, she raised her other hand to them. At first all that they said was one thing...
"Alice." She said aloud. Then with more confidence she said, "I am Alice."
And Alice began to create. 
First Alice created the beings who would become known as the gods of this peaceful world Ichua. These gods aided Alice in creating the rest of the denizens of the planet.
It was a peaceful time... Until Void came.
All the beings of Ichua had to join with Alice to fight this darkness. It was a hard-fought battle. Eventually Alice was able to create the Sky Seal to protect her home and creation. After millennia the Sky Seal has weakened and Void intends to takes its chance to seize the planet that eluded it so long ago.
Help Alice save Ichua by collecting all 12 pieces to the Sky Seal to seal out Void from Ichua once again.


Collect Alice 0 or 1's from doing Quests or restock 10 items from the Mushroom Shops.

Decode each page of the History of Sky Seal book to receive a piece to the Sky Seal.



Crusade Arena Void Monsters drop Y14 Puzzle Pieces

Snow Dock - Stone Tooth Valley

Stone Tooth Valley - Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave+