Pocket Easter Quests, Giant Egg of Doom and GoEGGs

Events :: Pocket Easter Quests, Giant Egg of Doom and GoEGGs


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April 1 - April 22

Pocket returns to Ichua every year at Easter looking for his long lost eggs. You can help find them by doing various things around the site like doing quests, buying from mushroom shops and catching the Easter Bunny. Pocket allows one quest per hour; he will randomly ask for one of those lost eggs. When you complete a Pocket Quest you will receive between 5 and 10 Pocket Credits. 

Pocket's Lost Egg Locations

Pockets Lost Egg #1: Corek's Quests
Pockets Lost Egg #2: Dim Quests
Pockets Lost Egg #3: Tye's Ticket Quests
Pockets Lost Egg #4: Council Quests
Pockets Lost Egg #5: Furniture Quests
Pockets Lost Egg #6: Fishing Quests
Pockets Lost Egg #7: Given randomly after restocking any item from any Mushroom Shop.
Pockets Lost Egg #8: Be the first to catch the Easter Bunny posting in Announcements

There are 3 ways to spend your Pocket Credits. You can try for the Easter Champion avatar for 100 Credits. When you spend 40 Credits you'll get a rare Easter item. The Deluxe Easter eggs are among those items. Upon receiving the item Hot Buns (40 credits) you will also receive an avatar. For 10 Pocket Credits you will get a common item. Most clothing items are classified as common.

2024 Items

TeeniWeeni Easter Ignomi Figureeni (40 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Gryphix Figureeni (10 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Loket Figureeni (10 credits)
Egg in a Kilt (10 credits)

2023 Items

TeeniWeeni Easter Polisis Figureeni (40 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Galatania Figureeni (10 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Flarix Figureeni (40 credits)

2022 Items

I Finished It With Karate (40 credits)
GoEggsGo (10 credits)

2021 Items

TeeniWeeni Easter Cirridle Figureeni (40 credits)
TeeniWeeni EasterLepardos Figureeni (10 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Picabel Figureeni (40 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Skoilo Figureeni (10 credits)

2020 Items

TeeniWeeni Easter Zirafa Figureeni (10 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Vinali Figureeni (40 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Tectowl Figureeni (40 credits)
TeeniWeeni Easter Sui Figureeni (10 credits)
Easter Pen (10 credits) (10 credits)
Easter Muffin (10 credits)

2019 Items

Bunny Ear Popcorn (10 credits)
Bunny Mug (10 credits)
Eggmageddon Staff (40 credits)
GoEgg Ichie (40 credits)
Pocket Plushie (40 credits)

2018 Items

Bunny Picuno Plushie (10 credits)
Bunny Luna Plushie (10 credits)

2017 Items

Lamb Wool Suit (10 credits)
Bunny Lycan Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Iraknid Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Ignomi Plushie (10 credits)
Bunny Gryphix Plushie (10 credits)
Bunny Galatania Plushie (10 credits)
Bunny Danemue Plushie (10 credits)
Bunny Corvus Plushie (40 credits)

2016 Items

Bunny Vinali Plushie (40 credits0
Bunny Picabel Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Ichu Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Aquellia Plushie (10 credits)
Bunny Skoilo Plushie (10 credits)
Easter Egg Paint (10 credits)

2015 Items

Bunny Dragora Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Lepados Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Sui Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Arro Plushie (10 credits)
Bunny Flarix Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Polisis Plushie (10 credits)
Egg On Your Face (40 credits)
Rotten Egg Launcher (10 credits)
Mother Hen (40 credits)
A Pocket Guide to Pocket (10 credits)

2014 Items

Bunny Tectowl Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Cirridle Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Zirafa Plushie (40 credits)
Bunny Locket Plushie (40 credits)
Easter Necklace (10 credits)
Egg Helmet (10 credits)
Bunny Egg Warmer (10 credits)
Buff Bunny (10 credits)
Easter Egg Cookie (10 credits)
Hidden Egg (10 credits)
ellow Easter Egg Icon (40 credits)
Green Easter Egg Icon (40 credits)

2013 Items

Happy Bunny Plushie (40 credits)
Easter Grass Ichie (40 credits)
Easter Flower (10 credits)
Easter Egg Pancakes (10 credits)
Easter Ice Cream (10 credits)
Bunny Bun (10 credits)
Rap Bit (10 credits)
Easter Egg Gloves (10 credits)

2012 Items

Easter Skirt (10 credits)
I Love Easter Shirt (40 credits)
Black Easter Scythe (40 credits)
Gravity Egg Artifact (10 credits)
Bunny Egg Lamp (10 credits)
Robo Bunny (40 credits)
Yolk Monster (10 credits)
Frozen Easter Egg (10 credits)
Bunny Bun Plushie (10 credits)
Easter Fried Egg (10 credits)
Broken Egg Book (10 credits)I

Items older than 2012 have been rotated out.

Giant Egg of Doom

The Giant Egg Of DOOM returns every year as well. You can attack it in several ways. There are 3 different top accolades. One's for the most damage done in one hit, one for the least damage done and one for the most misses. Your highest amount of damage will count for these accolades. When you miss the egg you will automatically do 1 damage. At the hourly reset these accolades will reset as well. Then 5 Pocket Credits will be awarded for every time you are on the accolades. So you will receive 10 points when you are on top damage and on top misses. 

There are many ways to attack the egg, with a total of 16. There are 5 ways to approach the egg and 4 different motivations. The motivation doesn't affect the damage you will do. An attack like Do Nothing, Kiss and Tap will do very little damage while Chucking Junk Furniture at Random will do the most. While you attack the egg you might receive some Egg Design Layers. Those will be used in the Egg Design competition. 

Once the Giant Egg Of DOOM reaches 0 or negative HP the GOEGGs will come out of the egg and attack everyone in the RPG. But the Giant Egg of Doom will not go away until it's Hit Points reach 0 and releases the GOEGGs. The GOEGG is the special monster which can only be found during the Easter event. This guy may drop one of the old Deluxe Easter Eggs when it's killed.


The Egg Designs


The egg designs are obtained randomly when hitting the giant Egg of Doom. With the different egg designs available many different deluxe eggs can be created. Once the competition opens you can enter your unique deluxe egg. The eggs that win the competition will be turned into real site items and the users who created them will receive the first copy. 

The actual size your egg will be;

2016 Pocket Prize Rotation

You will not be able to receive all 11 Bunny Ears, all 4 Chickie Plushies, all 3 Limited Edition Plushies, 4 Spring Armwarmers, 4 Spring Long Socks, Egg Basket Hat

2015 Pocket Prize Rotation

You will not be able to receive all 11 Bunny Ears, all 4 Chickie Plushies, all 3 Limited Edition Plushies.

2014 Pocket Prize Rotation

You will not be able to receive all Spring Armwarmers, Spring Long Socks, Spring Hairstyles, in addition all 2013 items that were rotated out.

2013 Pocket Prize Rotation

You will not be able to receive all Lamb Plushies, Ichu Egg, Faerie Friend Sprite, Easter Tales.


After the Giant Egg of Doom is destroyed GoEGGs emerge! There are 5 levels of GoEGGs each appearing in a single different map:

Each GoEGG drops different Deluxe Easter Egg items. (winners of previous egg design competitions) You can also obtain a Monster Card from each GoEGG. The pieces is bold are rare.