Ichumon's 15th Anniversary

Events :: Ichumon's 15th Anniversary

Year FifteenY15 Puzzle Collector


Sky Island

For ages untold, a concealed mystery island has eluded our sight, guarded by ancient magic among the clouds. Assemble your provisions, construct your majestic zeppelin and soar towards this unknown land! Yet, be mindful, periodic returns to Ichua are essential for replenishing supplies and mending your vessel.
Little did we know that this very island serves as a sanctuary for past anniversary creatures, a refuge where they find solace after their momentous celebrations. Behold the watchful eyes of Myzcatlipoca, gazing down from above the clouds, guarding this sanctuary with all-seeing vigilance.
Are you prepared to face the mysteries that await on Sky Island?
Collect the three Zeppelin parts from completing Quests or restocking 10 items from Mushroom Shops. Build your Zeppelin and soar to Sky Island!
Face off with the guardian of Sky Island, Myzcatlipoca or past anniversary adversaries!
Prize Drops
Y15 Icon given after your 2nd trip and 10th trips to Sky Island